Women and Money Telesummit and Podcast Series at GreenWomanStore.com

In this Telesummit
You’ll learn financial strategies that fit your lifestyle.
New ideas and new ways to become part of a sustainable economy.

Learn about managing and growing your income, and sustaining your business and your family financially. This “Women and Money” Series is about increasing your knowledge base, strengthening your relationship with money, and building your wealth and long-term financial security.

Women & Money with Lara Hinz: Retirement and Long-Term Financial Security LISTEN HERE

Start small and make a Big difference! Women earn less and live longer. Plan for it! Know your numbers, how much will you need in retirement? Make your own personal retirement plan to allow for financial security during the 3 to 10 years many of us live alone as we age.

Women and Money with Diane MacEachern - Save Money Creating a Greener World LISTEN HERE

Learn ways to save money by shifting your budget to living greener! Did you know that women spend 85% of every consumer dollar. Let's do it well! Learn shopping green for your family, children and pets! Fair Trade, and the trickle down effect for your entire eco-system.

Women and Money with Kat Ballucci - The Path to Building Wealth LISTEN HERE

Your credit is your Blueprint! Create a Budget - Needs vs. Wants! Protect your assets (family, health, income, home, autos). Start a "Clutch of Women," and set a monthly agenda, do the research, grow together. Learn about 3 "Wealth Building Buckets."

Women and Money with Amy Hinojosa - Financial Literacy LISTEN HERE

Know the importance of credit for your everyday life! Reassess your financial well-being at life's milestones. Financial Literacy is a life-long journey. Slow and steady wins the race! 

Women and Money with Sue Thompson - Making Financial Decisions with Confidence LISTEN HERE

"How we do money, is how we do everything!" 3 Steps to Making Financial Decisions with Confidence: 1) Clarity on your current Financial Baseline; 2) Creating a Plan gives you the Freedom of knowing your next step; 3) Be at "Choice" by looking at your Money Principals.

Women and Money with Rachel Lee Coppola Healthy and Allergy-Free Living on a Budget LISTEN HERE

Learn tips on saving money by: 1) Having a Budget/Plan in place; 2) Creating a Meal Plan - it's more difficult to eat out when cross-contamination is an issue; and 3) Live within your means! If it's not in your budget, and you don't NEED it, don't buy it.

Lean Into Green with Kim Freeman Brown - Green Communities of Color

Listen free to Kim Freeman Brown as she talks about Green Jobs, Food and Leadership in Communities of Color. Hear about young people and women at the cutting edge of sustainable economies. 

Lean Into Green with Hunter Lovins - Natural Capitalism Solutions

Hunter Lovins shares the good news that operating sustainably increases profitability. Hear about "Green Investments," becoming an "Impact Investor," and why Hunter wakes up smiling. You can too!

Lean Into Green with Dr. Asoka Bandarage - The Middle Path LISTEN HERE

Dr. Asoka Bandarage brings you the story of wholeness, and the connections between sustainable environments, societies, and economic futures.

Lean Into Green with Leslie Reichert - The Green Cleaning Coach

Leslie Reichert will take you on a green cleaning tour of your home, garden, and automobile, with tips and tricks for cleaning green!

Lean Into Green with Tama Matsuoka Wong - "Foraging for Flavor"

Listen free to Tama Matsuoka Wong as she talks about Foraging for Foods in meadows, farmers markets, and your own backyard. Safe foraging for flavor and nutrition. Watch her beautiful video: The Wild Farm.

Lean Into Green with Helena Norberg-Hodge - The Economics of Happiness

Helena Norberg-Hodge shares "The Economics of Happiness: Lessons from Ladakh," the western most part of the Tibetan Plateau at an elevation of 12,000 feet. A sustainable global economic perspective.

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