Wild Patience CD Album by Julia Lynx

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Contemporary folk pop ballads exploring all the wildness of relationships and how we manage to get thru the tricky parts while we remember our wholeness. Free Shipping!

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Julia’s sweet nourishing vocals get into your bones offering a moment to celebrate all that we are, our rough and edgy bits included.

Sing along with these catchy tunes that reflect back to you the wildness we hold within and the patience required to carry on in our relationships and with our unique work in the world.

Sticker: What Would Love Do? $1.00 with CD purchase.


Tracks: Sweet Song, Insatiable, Undone, Quiver, Darling Be Home Soon, Let’s Get Down, Unravel, What Would Love Do, Desert Wishes, Wild Patience, It’s the Way.


julia-lynx-on-guitarI am Julia Diette Lynx. I love the land. As I grew deeper into my relationship with the land I began to sing with fuller heart. Songs  were waking me in the night to be sung. I followed a persistent inner voice that lead me to a wildly patient place in my life. Terrified and serene, I reached out to share the songs with you.

At forty and as the mother of teens I love that I can now travel and sing and share and embrace all the stories we live together. Sweet blessings your way. May the songs nourish you.\

Producer, Marc Atkinson. Photography, Hilde Wilding and Jai Sequoia. Artwork, Janice Tanton.

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