California White Sage by Yolanda Martinez

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Hand picked with a beautiful fragrance and essence. Use for Smudging, Blessing, Gifting and Clearing. Available in large smudging bundles, smaller mini bundles, and bags of loose sage for when you want to burn just one leaf.  

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Beautiful California White Sage, hand picked and bundled by Yolanda Martinez. Powerful for Clearing, with a beautiful fragrance and wonderful essence. One of the best sages to use for smudging, blessings and ceremony. 


Especially nice to burn while preparing meals at the stove, with your morning tea or coffee, and for that spontaneous blessing for a loved one or your Self.
To clear the air, cleanse the spirit, and purify your intention.

Large Sage Bundles for Smudging, Blessing, Ceremony, and Gifting. 7" x 1.5". 1 Large for $16, 2 Large for $32, or 3 Large for $48.

Small Smudging Bundles are a wonderful size to carry with you when you are hiking or traveling. 4" x 1". 3 Mini Bundles for $13.50 or 6 Mini for $27.

Bagged white sage when you want to burn just a leaf at a time. 4" x 3". 3 Bags for $21 or 6 Bags for $42.

"Earth Mother's medicine (herbs & plants) are not grown by her specifically for one type of two legged or for one use. This medicine is here for all! We call it Sacred Smoke and this is what we use to clear, cleanse, and create Sacred Space in our Ceremonies.  To us, the Sacred Smoke takes our prayers to Creator/Great Spirit. These are all tools that are here as gifts for our/all to use.
Great Spirit wants us to allow people to live and know that we are all the same. We are all one, and that means all on this planet and the Cosmos are one. Who is to say that one people are sacred and you are not. All of God/Goddess/The All That Is children are sacred as we all come from Source. We can set limitations only on ourselves. Believe in who you are, believe that you are part of Source, part of all that is Sacred and wonderful on this wonderful Earth Mother. Use these gifts with a good heart and good intentions, this is all that is required of us. We are all doing the best we can. Walk in Beauty with joy in your heart and create Beauty around you." Namaste, Yolanda Martinez

Its a rare thing to become a Drum Maker. Yolanda Martinez creates Authentic Native American Drums that wake up your soul, and balance and connect you with Earth Mother's rhythms in nature, Her heartbeat, and song. There are mostly male drum makers and I have been the only female drum maker for many years. I am very happy to hear and see that there are other women becoming drum makers. New Mexico Magazine a few years ago did an article on SW Drum Makers. They interviewed 6 or 7 of us and I was the only woman to be included. 

yolanda-martinez-maker of authentic native spirit-drumsThe Gift of the Drum came 1986, I knew nothing about drums let alone how to make them. It was a calling that I could not side step. All I knew was I had to make a drum, little did I know I was to become a "Master Drum Maker" and make a business and a living out of making them. I made my first drum in Aug. 1987. I was in the Corporate world, an Escrow Officer for over 14 years, so what a surprise! 

I work out of my home, in my garage, and office space. My soaking tubs are in my back yard. My shop consists of a Table saw, Band saw, Router, Cutting Blades, and Cutting Mats. My drums are made from full hides from top Tanneries. I soak and cut them into rounds, burn the holes and stretch them over my Maple, or Birch Hoops. I use #1 Grade Rawhide of Buffalo, Elk, and Cow, and make drums that touch the soul. The great thing is, I had to figure all this out. I love a good challenge! 

I get the hoops in big cylinders. I cut them to the width that I need with the table saw and router them for smooth edges. To make the drum mallets I use wooden dowels. I use the band saw to cut them to size and finish them. The Ceremonial Drums are a lot more work since they are heavier with larger hides that I have to work with. It takes days to make a Drum.

This gift also brought forth my music. I am an Award Winning Recording Artist and I sell my CD's and DVD's as well. I have a instructional DVD on Drum making and do drum making workshops nationally and internationally.

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authentic native drums by Yolanda MartinezYolanda Martinez is Apache/Comanche/Hispanic born in Southern New Mexico. She is an Artist, Singer, Composer, and Master Drum Maker. She was one of 11 children and was raised in New Mexico untill the age of 15, when her family moved to the San Joaquin Valley, California, in 1965.

In 1986 Spirit sent a message for her to make a Drum. Yolanda made her first drum in 1987. This turned out to be a base drum made out of a redwood planter. She thought she had completed her task, and was ready to move on. Great Spirit still kept after her to “MAKE DRUMS”!

After a lot of frustration, prayers, tears, and a near death experience she decided to surrender and let Spirit guide her, this is when she started creating Authentic Native American Drums that wake up your soul, and balance and connect you with Earth Mothers rhythms in nature, Her heartbeat, and song.

In summer of 1975 Yolanda was drawn to Alaska where she spent 8 years on the Island of Kodiak where she was one of the first Commercial Fishing Women, as back then women were not allowed on fishing boats. In 1980 she decided to move her and her daughter back to California where she started the Central Valley Moon Lodges in Modesto. 

In 1993 she moved to Asheville, NC where she spent 6 years in the beautiful forest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This beautiful, magical land is what inspired her to create and write her music. Yolanda currently resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico, her beautiful home state with the Organ Mountains in her back yard, beautiful sunsets, and glorious nights. She is continuing her work and is conducting Drum Making Workshops, Drumming Circles, Women’s Circles and Concerts nationally and internationally.

Yolanda has been very active in teaching and organizing the spiritual way of the woman and the balance between herself, her family and Mother Earth. Using her Drums and her Songs, Yolanda works through her music.

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