My Little Waldorf Gnomes by Michelle Reid

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Recycled, Upcycled Felted Wool Gnomes, magical guardians of the forest. Great to include in school bags, sleeping bags and bedside. Each Little Gnome is one-of-a-kind, each one very special. Popular as Waldorf School Gnomes.

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My Little Red Gnome by Michelle ReidMy Little Blue Gnome by Michelle ReidMy Little Gnomes are made of recycled, upcycled felted wool sweaters by Native Wampanoag Grandmother, Michelle Reid. Faeries live among and protect the flowers.  Gnomes are the "Little People" who live out with the trees as  Guardians of the Forest. Each one is different, and one-of-a-kind. Color availability is determined by the artist's current recycling efforts.

Popular as Waldorf Gnomes, these Guardians are wonderful for children's bedsides, school bags, sleep overs, and castle play. Let your child's imagination fly!  Each Gnome comes with a pocket for objects like newly lost teeth, and if you are very, very lucky, some come with a magical piece of sea glass or crystal.

Michelle Reid of the Wampanoag TribeMichelle Reid is a Native woman who has helped teach her traditional culture to children, including Wampanoag tribal members. She is a mother of five, and started a crafts store in her backyard. At the same time, she began working with natural fibers. Michelle has been handcrafting and involved with Waldorf Schools and their fondness of Gnomes for 26 years.

Michelle had foster care children in her home, and found her Little Gnomes helpful as magical guardians for these children who had gone through so much. She is a substitute teacher and enjoys bringing her Little Gnome "Magic of Childhood" into public schools. Michelle has been a home herbalist for over 30 years, making diaper salves, infusions, and teas. She has seen ADHD turned around with a natural diet. She was one of the first ten graduates of Hygia College where she learned from Jeanine Parvati Baker, a  spiritual midwife. 

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