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Amanda Heisman, CHHC, is a Nutrition Channel, Energy Embodiment Coach, & Intuitive Eating Teacher, guiding women to create Joyful and Easy Relationships with Food, Body, and Self. She does this through a number of different unique modalities & methods including Intuitive Eating, Embodiment, Organ Channeling, and Deep Golden Shadow & Inner Child Work. Amanda is all about NOURISHMENT and releasing restrictive “diet” mentalities. She brings together Shamanic Energy Work, Nutrition Science, and Food Psychology in a very unique way.

She spent a decade in Corporate America, before burn-out and a car accident (disc issues) graciously rerouted her life path. For the last 6 years in particular, she has supported female leaders, professionals, mothers, and entrepreneurs in the Deep Nourishment and Self-Care it takes to create Holistic Success.

She can read the Nourishment Body of Humans & the Vital Energy Body of Plants, and is also a Writer, Speaker, Alchemist, Dancer, Shaman, Nature-Lover, and Nomad. Amanda can typically be found singing and dancing her way through Nutrition AND Life!

More on Amanda here: http://www.heismanhealth.com/about-amanda/
And her work here: http://www.heismanhealth.com/testimonials-success-stories/

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