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I was born in 1963. I have always been a great reader, writer, experimenter and explorer. I was that little tot who didn’t like something and ran away and was still walking several blocks later. I was not afraid of the world. I grew up with secrets and beauty on the island of Oahu. I had a little stream and banana tree that I would explore that world as well as the ocean nearby. I saw beauty everywhere. That continued through my whole school life because I was able to basically explore much of the world because my Dad was in the Air Force.

I was exposed to the wonderful Art and the World’s Fair in Japan in 1970. The wonderful museums of San Francisco, Washington DC as well as most of the museums in Europe. My soul told me that I was an artist. I tried to sketch. I tried to paint. In fact, I tried just about anything and everything but my work was so small and childlike and never seemed to improve. (I must admit that I was comparing myself to the best of the best.) I got very discouraged. I found myself discounting the writing, the cooking and all the other creative things that I was doing. The voice inside me kept saying “You are an artist.”

Then I discovered fused glass. At first, I became a fused glass artist because I felt that what I was able to create would appeal to someone, and it would sell. My big limitation is my semi-outdoor studio and the heat in Texas. Which limited my creation of fused glass works to Spring and Fall. At some point, within the first couple of years I began to experiment with Zentangles, then painting, then encaustics, then I would take a class here and there and I was making more art and very happy with my results, in fact, and I loved it.

In 2016, I had my first solo art show and sold many pieces, and now I am selling regularly at other galleries, where both the owners and myself are very pleased with the amount that has sold. I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed. I’m a very grateful artist. Here’s where I’m supposed to tell you what moves me with my art. It’s generally called an “artist statement”. It’s my big why…why I do what I do. Creating an artist statement can be paralyzing to even the most talented artist. Writing an artist statement is sharing our soul. It makes us feel vulnerable and the words seem a little less than the real reason, the real ability to describe the depths of why we create. I am a bit of a story teller and I love words so, I will try to help you get to know me and my art a little better.

My work is inspired by life…the us that is us. I am compelled to share the beauty of the world with the world. I look at a piece of glass and it seems to share with me what it wants to be. It is for me moving, emotions. Sometimes a deep and thoughtful process that when complete can be transformational. I consider myself to be bold in uses of color and I use color as a language with the glass, many times using layer upon layer to change the work. I love textures, which is hard to give a feel to with the smooth surface, but that calls to me. The most important thing is that the person who finds my art loves it.

Debby’s Insight
“I truly believe that I am blessed with being an ordinary person living an extraordinary life! Yes, there have been challenges, but my artistic spirit to learn and try and my family are always behind me. Life might get hard, obstacles might seem devastating and life altering, but we were meant to rise above and find the silver lining. My knowing, is that every person holds the key to look within, believe in our truths, embrace our gifts, and rise above any circumstance. Being a creative maker is a state of mind, being optimistic is as well, and the two are a powerful combination in turning anyone’s life from ordinary to extraordinary.”

My artwork is mostly in the form of fused glass, but I am always trying new things like encaustic, painting, writing and much more so that I can take my creative spirit, mixing it in with an insane love of mark making, color, and oddness, and creating works of art that inspire others to see the world as intrinsically beautiful, no matter their place or station in life. My hope is that through my practice, my work will resonate with the viewer so that they sense a connection with the work and with the world.

Professional Bio
Workshop Presenter of Fused Glass Jewelry 101, Dichroic Going Beyond, and Galaxy Glass
ARTbundance Apprentice Coach and Presenter
Customer Service Expert
Docent at Rio Claro Studios and Silo Glass
Gallery Representation:
Silo Glass, RR 12, San Marcos, TX
Rio Claro Studios, Hunters Glen, San Marcos, TX
Uptown Blanco, Hwy 281, Blanco, TX
Big Spring Photo Gallery, Big Spring, TX
Past Gallery Representation:
Rockport Gallery, Rockport, Texas
Traveling Art, Gruene, Texas
Aransas Pass Art Guild, Ingleside, TX
Comfort Crocker, Comfort, TX
Solo Show, Rio Claro Gallery, San Marcos, TX
Frida Kahlo Art Show and 110th Birthday, Aquabrew, San Marcos, TX
Blue and Green Art Show, Aquabrew, Texas
San Marcos Daily Record, articles in conjunction with Rio Claro Studios
Art Squared, San Marcos, TX
Christmas Show, Aquabrew, San Marcos, TX
Christmas Bazaar, Canyon Lake, TX

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