The Ultimate Vegan Cosmetic Brush Line by Lucy Minerals

Price $18.00

Vegan Approved. Eco Friendly Birch Handles. Great for Sensitive Skin. $6.50 to $19.50. U.S. orders only.


Ships USPS First Class $3.00.
U.S. Orders Only. No Returns.

The Ultimate Brush Line 100% Synthetic Bristles, Vegan Approved, No Animal Cruelty. Go Green - Eco Friendly Birch Handles. The perfect brushes for applying Lucy Minerals. Great for Sensitive Skin. No Returns.

FlatTopBufferBrushbyLucyMinerals.gifUltimate Long Handled Flat Top Buffer  Price: $18.00
The Long Handled Flat Top Buffer brush is one of our most popular styles. The dense bristles are ideal for layering mineral or traditional makeup. The soft synthetic bristles pamper your skin, while still being firm enough to buff your foundations, blushers or bronzers. The chunky, long handle makes application easy.

BlushBrushbyLucyMinerals.gifUltimate Blush Brush $14.00
Your blush will blend easily using this soft 100% Synthetic Brush.

ConcealerBrushbyLucyMinerals.gifUltimate Concealer Brush $8.50
Great brush for covering acne, brown spots, or redness. Use it to cover discoloration around the eyes or those pesky little spider veins around the nose. 

WetorDryShadowBrushbyLucyMinerals.gifUltimate Wet or Dry Shadow Brush $8.00
This is the perfect brush for "foiling" your shadow using a wet brush.

RetractableKabukiBrushbyLucyMinerals.gifUltimate Retractable Kabuki Brush $19.50
This is a great brush for your collection. You can "load up" this brush with foundation or finishing powder, pop on the lid and it's ready to go for when you need to touch up in a hurry.

EyeShadowBrushbyLucyMinerals.gifUltimate Shadow Brush $8.00
A nice soft shadow brush.
Blends your shadows for a soft natural look.

FlatTopKabukiBrushbyLucyMinerals.gifUltimate Flat Top Kabuki $18.50
Another favorite brush for applying Foundation and Finishing Powder. Larger in diameter than the Ultimate Flat Top Buffer, but just as soft. Some women prefer the shorter handle for good control of the brush while buffing.

EyeShadowLinerBrushbyLucyMinerals.gifUltimate Duo Shadow & Liner Brush $11.00
This is a really handy brush.
One end is an angled shadow brush and the other is an angled liner brush.

FullCoverConcealerBrushbyLucyMinerals.gifUltimate Full Cover Concealer Brush $11.00
Use this Ultimate Brush as you would any Concealer Brush. With the larger size, you will be able to apply your cover products more quickly.The fine edge is tapered and rounded and will allow detail coverage in small areas.
This is not just for concealer products and could be used as a Foundation Brush.  It's ideal for shading, contouring and many other applications. Some companies call babykabuki.gifthis a Contour Brush.

Ultimate Baby Kabuki $12.00
A great brush for traveling. Super soft and will blend your makeup perfectly.


 The next two Cosmetic Brushes are made of Taklon,  a synthetic fiber. It is a smooth, soft, and somewhat fragile polyester derivative devoid of any protein component or allergen elements and is therefore a "green", "vegan", "allergy free" or synthetic alternative to animal hair brushes. These two brushes do not have Birch Handles.

BrowBrushbyLucyMinerals.gifBrow Brush (Mini Liner) $6.50
This petite taklon brush is ideal for filling in the eyebrows with our Mineral Brow Powder. Can also be used for Mineral Liner.

RetractableLipBrushbyLucyMinerals.gifRetractable Lip Brush $6.50
Good to use with Lucy Lip Creams. Load up your brush and pop on the cap to carry with you for touch ups. 

The perfect brushes for applying Lucy Minerals. Great for Sensitive Skin.
Annie Langguth at Annie L Cosmetics LLCMy name is Annie Langguth. I am an Esthetician (Skin Care Specialist). I count my blessings and have fun with my makeup. I tried commercial mineral makeup brands, but they made my skin look more oily. I started doing research and decided to make my own products. Eventually, I perfected my formula. The result is a product line that works for all skin types.

My formulas ares called "Lucy Minerals" because they are "Loose Minerals," and in honor of my adorable Chocolate Lab "Lucy." She's a beautiful, big-hearted girl and a great joy to me, which is what I want my makeup to be for all who try it!

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