Transforming the Nature of Health by Marcey Shapiro, M.D.

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A holistic vision of healing that honors our connection to the earth, others, and ourselves. Traces the roots of the matter/spirit split in contemporary science and medicine. Practical tools for self-examination, and methods for expanding awareness.


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There is a connection between emotional well being and physical health. Body, mind and spirit form a cohesive whole. Working towards greater inner peace leads to profound benefits for physical health.

"I believe my job as a physician is to help people to come into balance and positive relationship with all parts of themselves, in order to live full, joyous, and meaningful lives, enriched by vibrant health."

Transforming the Nature of Health is a provocative blend of new science, personal memoir and philosophical treatise. This book presents a fresh model for healing by rethinking our relationships with one another, the natural world, our bodies, and our innermost Selves. Dr. Marcey Shapiro focuses on a model based on enduring values of love, compassion, harmony, and peace.

Throughout the book, Dr. Shapiro reevaluates prevailing cultural beliefs about the causes and meaning of illness and offers a vision for a different type of societal understanding of health with a new view of the possible role of medicine in healing. Interweaving inspiring anecdotes from her experiences of the natural world, in medical training and practice, and with mystical exploration, Dr. Shapiro includes examples of medical advances that honor our interconnectedness. Practical tools like breathing techniques, tips for self-examination, and methods for expanding awareness.

Transforming the Nature of Health traces the roots of the matter/spirit split in contemporary science and medicine, evaluating its constraints as a paradigm for us as evolving beings. Dr. Shapiro presumes that we are much more than our physical bodies and asks readers to join in cocreating a new language and new science that express the whole of our miraculous existence.

Marcey Shapiro MDMarcey Shapiro M.D., is an integrative medicine physician with extensive training and experience in many areas of natural medicine including Western and Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, mind body techniques, flower essences, homeopathy, breathing techniques, nutritional therapies, Scenar® and hands on modalities including Ortho-bionomy® and Biodynamic Osteopathy. 

Marcey has personally utilized herbal medicines for over 35 years, and has taught herbal and natural health for over 25 years in a variety of settings.  She continues as a student as well as a teacher. Nutritionally she’s generally a Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) enthusiast. Dr Shapiro has many other interests that she also pursues. She loves gardening, writing, painting, exercising, astronomy, travel, time with her pets and loved ones, and time in nature. She keeps bees, more for ecological considerations than for the honey, but she does like honey too.

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