Purple Leather Spats by Toe Togs

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Size: Wide 11 3/4" Calves.
Purple and Mauve with White Accent. 
Handcrafted and Beautiful.

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Ships USPS Priority Mail $10.00.

Beautiful handcrafted purple, mauve and white leather create a one-of-a-kind fashion statement. 

Purple Leather Spats by Toe Togs


Spats make every shoe look like a boot!  Treat your feet to a pair today! 


Step into Sue Swain's world and experience the strength and beauty of Toe Togs. 

Women around the country try on Sue's leather art at music festivals and craft fairs. Now you can experience Toe Togs too! 



The first thing Sue asks is that you measure your calves to "Determine Your Size."

Sizes:    Measuring 6" up from the floor     8" up from the floor
Narrow                                9"                                     9 1/2"
Regular                       10 1/4"                                   10 1/2"
Wide                                 11"                                   11 3/4"
X                                 11 1/2"                                   12 1/2" 

Each pair of ToeTogs' Spats are handmade by Sue.  Combined colors and leathers create a pair of Spats that are uniquely beautiful.

Walk in Beauty,  Sue Swain

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