Eco Themed Tees for Women by Positive Energy - Organic Tanks

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Eco Themed Tees: Hot - Global Warming. Dangerous - Harmful Products. Beautiful - Unsafe Cosmetics. Positive Energy +E - Effect Change. Wear a Better Story Line Front & Back! Organic Cotton. Tanks run small, please order 1-2 sizes larger.

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Eco Themed Tees & Awareness Apparel for Women: Organic T-Shirts Made with 100% USDA Certified Organic Cotton. 

positive energy womens organic tanks
Wear a Better Story Line Front and Back! Positive Energy +E Themed Tees serve as reminders to make important mindful differences each and every day. Spreading Awareness about local, global, environmental, and social issues that need our attention. Every eco themed t-shirt purchase aids important charities around the world.
Shorter, tailored fit. Themed Tanks run small, please order 1-2 sizes larger. 
positive-e-womens-organic-tank-tee.jpgEco Theme: Positive Energy - Words on the Back: "We all have the power to effect a positive shift in energy in ourselves and in those around us. When we start within, we can create huge changes not only in our perception of the world but in other’s as well. Although we only have control over our individual thoughts, in every situation we encounter we have the choice to see the good and the promise each new opportunity represents. Every positive thought creates a ripple effect of other positive thoughts and those, in turn, transform into a series of positive realities. In this way we have the power to change the world for the better."
"What we can do: Set an example by always seeing the good in the people and situations around you. Remember that none of us is perfect — we are all works in progress. Be kind to yourself. Live in the moment and make it the best moment you’ve ever had. Share your positive energy with others by kind words and thoughtful actions.
beautiful-positive-energy-womens-tanks.jpgEco Theme: Beautiful - Words on the Back: "Unsafe Cosmetics. Up to 60% of the products we use on our skin are absorbed and deposited into our bodies. Several chemicals used in common, popular cosmetics are known irritants and carcinogens. Most of these ingredients are derived synthetically or from petroleum. Also, many cosmetics are tested on animals which involve pain, maiming and even death."
"What We Can Do: Choose completely natural cosmetic products and make-up containing mostly or completely naturally derived ingredients. Make sure to read the ingredients carefully because some labels are misleading and contain small amounts of plant extracts but the main ingredients are petroleum-based and loaded with fragrances. Choose products from companies who refuse to employ animal testing."
dangerous-positive-energy-womens-tanks.jpgEco Theme: Dangerous - Words on the Back: "Harmful Household Products. Household cleaning agents, personal care products, pesticides, paints, hobby products, and solvents, common in our daily lives, are sources of hundreds of potentially harmful chemicals. Exposure can cause dizziness, nausea, allergic reactions, and eye, skin, and respiratory tract irritation; some can cause cancer."
"What We Can Do: Use nontoxic alternatives such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and grapeseed extract. When purchasing household products, buy only as much as you need; do not buy bulk quantities. Store and dispose of hazardous products carefully. Minimize exposure when using hazardous products.
hot-positive-energy-womens-tanks.jpgEco Theme: Hot - Words on the Back: "Global Warming. Man-made activities are altering the Earth’s climate in dramatic ways, and are already negatively affecting wildlife and habitat."
What we can do: Bike, walk, take public transportation. Turn your thermostat down. Use cold water for laundry. Clean vents and radiators. Use energy-efficient fluorescent lights. Weatherproof your house. Plant native shade trees. Install low-flow showerheads."
Return Policy: Undamaged, unworn, and unopened tees with tags still attached will be accepted for return within 5 days of the item being received by customer. Please contact our Customer Care here for instructions.
Joan-Maloney-Hollis-Positive Energy organic tee shirtsJoan Maloney and her daughter, Hollis, founded +E Positive Energy to create socially conscious products that Invoke Change in the world around us through Awareness. Sustainable apparel, ethical sourcing, social good, and preserving the environment. Driven by ecological and social responsibility, with a strong belief in being the positive change they want to see in the world through the way they run their company.
Positive Energy +E is "Capitalism with a Conscience." They consider how materials are sourced, value the human component of the supply chain, and invoke change within the apparel industry.

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