Over The Shoulder Bag by The Batik Boutique

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Carry your belongings in style while supporting good works in Southeast Asia. Tie closure, internal pocket with zipper. 19"x15"x34".

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The Batik Boutique Red Lantern


Carry your belongings in style while supporting good works in Southeast Asia. This Over-the-Shoulder Bag lays comfortably across your chest and is large enough to hold notebooks and small enough to carry your everyday essentials. Features a tie closure at the top and an internal pocket with a zipper. 

Select your favorite color: Red Lantern, or Moon Cake (pink/blue). Color shown at top is not available at this time.  Bag measures 19" (tall) by 15" wide, and 34" from top of strap to bottom of bag.

The Batik Boutique Moon Cake printExisting for centuries, batik expresses the beauty and culture of Southeast Asia in each handmade design. Our batik fabrics are light and breathable, 100% cotton. They are handmade and fully machine washable. The colors will stay bright and beautiful for years.

Batik Fabric by The Batik Boutique

Batik is an ancient art form on cloth using a wax-resist dyeing technique in which a pattern is drawn or stamped in wax before the fabric is hand-dyed. Each of our products is handmade using handmade fabric following this ancient technique. The focus of our business is to be transformational, to help our employees and communities live better lives because of our company.

The first step in the batik process is to take a white all-cotton piece of cloth, usually about two meters long, and place it on a wooden table.  Next, the tukang batik takes a heavy metal stamp and stamps hot wax onto the fabric. Then, the fabric is dipped in a single-colored dye and hung to dry. Once the fabric dries, the wax is removed, leaving behind the un-dyed design. Colors are stamped onto these white areas to make the finished batik.

Batik Botique Building in MalaysiaEach piece of our batik fabric is hand-stamped and hand-dyed through an ancient, delicate and time-consuming process. Pictured here is the building in which some of our fabric is made.  This building is near Malaysia’s east coast (you can see the ocean in the background). As each piece of batik is a unique print, we cannot guarantee each product will look exactly the same as pictured here.  This is part of the beauty of the fabric and we hope you enjoy owning a one-of-a-kind product

The Batik Botique Malaysian WomenAmy Blair moved to Malaysia in 2007. In learning of one Malaysian woman's story and struggles, she learned that there are many women in similar situations that need help to provide for their families. And then Amy made an important discovery: each of the women had access to a sewing machine. This realization led to the beginnings of The Batik Boutique. We employ single moms as well as others who are struggling to make ends meet. We give a portion of our proceeds directly to needs in our community. We are constantly seeking additional ways to contribute to the practical needs of those around us. Selamat Datang!

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