The Lesbian Tent Revival Radio Hour Podcasts by Sister Carolyn Gage

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More than 10 hours of hilarious, lesbian feminist, rabble-rousing inspiration! 21 Audio Sermons by Sister Carolyn of the "Sisterhood of the Sacred Synapse." Please note: This is a DVD, not a CD.

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More than 10 hours of hilarious, lesbian feminist, rabble-rousing inspiration! 21 Audio Sermons by Sister Carolyn of the "Sisterhood of the Sacred Synapse." 

Sermons for a Lesbian Tent Revival by Carolyn Gage

Sister Carolyn takes her Tent Revivals on the road to festivals, towns, and communities where she inspires women with her truth, clarity and dramatic presentation.  You will reach back with Sister Carolyn into our histories and the histories of our foremothers for strategies that reinforce connection and weave webs of alliances and support.

Includes 2 Lesbian Tent Revival Songs by Jamie Anderson!

Please note: This is a DVD, not a CD! The files would not all fit onto one CD. Most CD players will not read DVD discs, and you will need to download the MP3 files onto your computer and then play them, move them to your iPod, burn a CD, etc.

Here's what you are in for, a real spiritual salvation!

1- Etiquette for a Lesbian Tent Revival. So you won’t embarrass yourself.

2- Introduction to the Lesbian Tent Revival Radio Hour.

3- Sermon on Spiritual  Colonization. What is a radical, down-to-the-bones-and-roots feminist spirituality? And what does it entail to grow our own? 

4- Sermon on the Real L-Words. You will be thrilled and amazed to discover the two "l-words" that would corral us into bad relationships and even cause us to overlook or sabotage good ones!

5- Sermon on the Tip of the Iceberg. The hidden history and explosive politic of the clitoris.

6- Sermon on Prostitution. How to win every argument, every time. Guaranteed.

7- Sermon on Delusional Dominance Disorder. Isn't it time we radical feminists starting creating a few labels of our own for the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders??

8- Sermon on Stories. “The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” –Muriel Rukeyser.  Or, how about: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou

9- Thanksgiving Sermon. A radical look at the price to be paid for radical thinking... and the pricelessness of free-range synapsing!

10- If-I-Told-You-What-This-Was-About-You-Wouldn’t-Listen Sermon. ... because if you knew the subject, you might not show up! All the more reason to pay attention.

11-- Lesbian Tent Revival Equal Opportunity Marriage Ceremony. A perennial favorite with those who don't believe in marriage, those for whom the partnership requirement sets too high a bar, and those who do believe in marriage but want to see lesbians weed out the patriarchal crap and make it radical and feminist!  Irreverent hilarity coupled with a deep politic.

12- Sermon on Jealousy. What it is, why lesbians are so reluctant to ascribe motive to it, and what happens when we do!

13- Sermon on Interrupting Racism. A five-step technique for disrupting and interrupting a social interaction that has turned racist.

14- Sermon on Being Confronted on Racism. How to respond to accusations that you may not feel are fair without digging a hole for yourself.

15- Sermon on Mirrors and Firewalls. This sermon will get you all fired up with brilliant and dazzling counter-strategies for the erasures and distortions that keep us from adoring our fierce and hilarious selves!

16- New Year’s Sermon. Trapped between near-sighted distraction and far-sighted despair for the planet, how can we get a vision that will rescue us from mindless busy-ness or helpless inaction?

17- Sermon on Stockholm Syndrome. What's up with straight women and their culture? Seriously.

18- Sermon on Logotherapy. A school of psychotherapy that might hold the key to healing for us and our planet.

19- Sermon on the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival Policy. Sister Carolyn shares her deepest synapsing on this controversial intention and invites her Sisters to do the same.

20- Sermon on Toxic Self-Sufficiency. This is one of the occupational hazards of living a lesbian life, and it can actually cause the dependence it's intended to stave off. This sermon looks hard at Darwinism and then at the work of a woman scientist who has proposed a completely new theory of evolution. Huge implications for the quality of our lesbians lives and the survival of our communities.

21- Sermon on Complex PTSD because this could save your life or the life of someone you love.

Two songs from the Lesbian Tent Revival: The Hokey Pokey, and Song of the Synapse, sung by Jamie Anderson.

Carolyn Gage DVD The Lesbian Tent Revival Radio Show

Carolyn Gage is a lesbian feminist playwright, performer, director, activist, and author of nine books on lesbian theatre and sixty-five plays, musicals, and one-woman shows. Carolyn specializes in non-traditional roles for women, especially those reclaiming famous lesbians whose stories have been distorted or erased from history. One of the most prolific feminist playwrights in the world, Carolyn Gage is a dynamic speaker and a powerful role model.

Carolyn Gage's work has been endorsed by feminist authors and activists, including Andrea Dworkin, Mary Daly, Phyllis Chesler, Victoria A. Brownworth, Diana E.H. Russell, and John Stoltenberg. Carolyn was named contributing editor to the national feminist quarterly.

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