The Joy of Green Cleaning by Leslie Reichert

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A cook book for green cleaning! Over 70 pages of green recipes that you can make from items in your own pantry. And they really work! A great gift for friends and family.

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Teaching and encouraging others in the art of homekeeping and green cleaning so you can enjoy a good life!

Here's a cook book for green cleaning! 70-plus pages of green recipes that you can make from items in your own pantry. And these recipes really work! A great way to reduce toxins in your household, and create a healthier, happier home. Wonderful holiday present for friends and family.
Have you been thinking about going green but just don t know where to start? Or wondering if these green ideas really work? Here is a whole collection of simple yet proven green recipes to help you green your cleaning. Just start by trying one or two and soon you ll be going to your pantry for cleaning solutions instead of the cabinet under the sink. By using items found in your pantry, you can create safe and effective cleaners for your home. Happy Green Cleaning! This is the first recipe book for green cleaning. 
"The Joy of Green Cleaning" by Leslie Reichert has changed the way I clean. I now clean and do laundry with all homemade products and I love it!
"I'd thought about doing this for some time, but didn't take the time to research all the formulas. Leslie's book has made it so easy. All the formulas for the cleaning products are in this book and contain simple, inexpensive ingredients."

"Leslie's philosophy on cleaning is that she uses ingredients that her Grandmother would have used, most of which you can eat!"

"Thanks to The Joy of Green Cleaning, I no longer wear rubber gloves when I clean, open the window or hold my breath, especially while disinfecting the bathroom! This book has simplified my life and saved me money! I highly recommend this book." 

"Best book I ever bought! I picked this book up after talking to my daughter who already had a copy. I am so glad I got it. It is so informative and easy to follow directions. I looked at several book, before I purchased this one. The Joy of Green Cleaning was the one that was so clear, easy to make recipes and lots of recipes to choose from. I have passed the book around and now several people have their own copies to enjoy. I love this book and will continue to recommend it to everyone I talk to. Thank you!"

Listen to our interview with Leslie Reichert for the Lean Into Green Telesummmit: 

Leslie Reighert Green Cleaning CoachLeslie Reichert, "The Cleaning Coach," is a nationally recognized green expert dedicated to teaching and encouraging the Art of Homekeeping and Green Cleaning! From obvious dangers like toxic chemicals under the sink to hidden hazards that can be found in the office, she helps teach simple steps to keeping families and pets safe from hidden toxins and health risks. 

Leslie is a green consultant whose wit, insight and humor has raised the green awareness in all of us. Leslie is the founder and president of The Green-Clean University, offering programs and products for green lifestyle management. Her workshops and trainings serve to improve awareness with simple steps that make a home healthier and safer for everyone. Leslie is a TV personality appearing on Better TV, Martha Stewart Living Radio and ABC News.
Happy Cleaning! Leslie Reichert, The Cleaning Coach.


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