The Disappearing L by Bonnie Morris

The Disappearing L by Bonnie Morris
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An insider’s story and analysis of a neglected piece of cultural history. What will we remember about the vibrant cultural spaces that Lesbian activists created in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s? Professor Bonnie Morris gives us the back-story to the culture we are losing to mainstreaming and assimilation. Interviews of activists and and responses to the recent attacks on Lesbian Feminists who are being made to feel that they've hit their cultural expiration date.

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The Disappearing L: Erasure of Lesbian Spaces and Culture by Professor Bonnie J. Morris

 Professor Bonnie Morris explores the rise and fall of women-only spaces, concerts, festivals, bookstores
-- built by and for lesbians in the era of Woman-Identified activism.

The Michigan Festival, Olivia Records, and Women's Bookstores dotted the urban landscape during  an era where artists and activists first dared to celebrate lesbian lives. Professor Morris gives us the back-story to the culture we are losing to mainstreaming and assimilation.

Read interviews of older activists, their stories, and responses to recent attacks on lesbian feminists who are being made to feel that they've hit their cultural expiration date:

  • The rise and fall of American Lesbian cultural institutions from the 1970s to the present.
  • Understand the era in which Lesbian artists and activists first dared to celebrate their lives.
  • Learn what it means to be Woman-Identified.
  • Gain a broader understanding of what has come to be called LGBT history.

ISBN 9781438461779  (Photo to the right: New York Lesbian March 1971)

“The less that women are visible as a research subject, the less we are likely to learn about lesbians.”  Bonnie Morris

Interviews with Bonnie Morris:

Lesbian Culture 

Women's Role in Sustaining Civilization


Bonnie J. Morris is Adjunct Professor of Women’s Studies at both George Washington University and Georgetown University.

After earning her Ph.D from Binghamton's women's history program in 1990, she taught one of the first-ever graduate seminars on Jewish women's history at Harvard, served as global women's studies professor for the Semester At Sea program, and then joined the women's studies faculty at both George Washington University and Georgetown. Here in D.C., she teaches Women and Western Civilization, Gender and Athletics, Women and War, and Introduction to Women's Studies.

"Yes, a workload of three classes each fall and four classes each spring, with top teaching evaluations from the 300-plus students I mentor every year. Each June I work as an Exam Leader for the College Board, scoring AP U.S. History exams; each August I work at the Michigan Women's Music Festival, where I will now be coordinating the Community Center. When do I write? In the cracks, the nooks & crannies, the superlative fissures, the creased paper trails begging for my ink. L'chaim!"

Bonnie Morris at Temple o f Diana in KusadasiFrom local to global: when not on campus lecturing (or cheering at women's athletic events), I'm in D.C. emceeing the Mothertongue open mic for women writers or networking as a scholarly advisor to the National Women's History Museum being built here. I tour with my one-woman play and archive my field notes from festival culture for the Schlesinger Library's special collection. HOW'S IT ALL DONE? Coffee; vitamins; love.

(Image at the right) Bonnie Morris at the Temple of Diana in Kusadasi as guest lecturer for Olivia Cruises.

Featured positive reviews:

The Disappearing L by Bonnie Morris
What a great celebration of Lesbian Culture! We are here and deeply a growing part of movements globally. Leading Feminism, Returning Peace in This Way!
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