Takes An Uprising by Patricia Lee Jackson

Takes An Uprising by Patricia Lee Jackson
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This lesbian activist’s memoir will encourage elders to share their adventures as pioneers in our movement for social justice, and inspire LGBTQ youth with stories of hope.

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Gay Liberation Front photo by Patricia Lee Jackson author of Takes An Uprising

A Memoir in Lesbian Parables

 In 1964, as a 23-year-old closeted lesbian school teacher in Louisville, Kentucky, I was diagnosed as a “paranoid schizophrenic” by an incompetent, straight, white, male psychiatrist who recommended commitment to a mental institution in Chicago. He justified his prognosis because I was a lesbian and struggled with the pretense of being straight. I sat alone in his office and fell into internalized homophobia - those deeply buried feelings of not being normal, of harboring unnatural feelings for women.

It would be another decade before the American Psychiatric Association (APA) took homosexuality off its list of mental disorders. Not until nearly three decades into my life could I begin living as my complete self. My journey out of those early years from shame into pride and defiance evolved the way people often come into our own, through movements for social justice. 

Below: Listen to Patricia Jackson's reading of Chapter "Anti-Rape Squad #38"  at Aunt Lute’s, a multi-cultural women's press.

"During the ’70s, I lived in approximately a dozen lesbian collective households.  After several months of living together, we noticed that we synchronized our menstrual periods... One day a young, straight woman arrived at our Berkeley lesbian household and described her rape by a bunch of jocks... She had heard or read about us and requested our help with some sort of retaliation... We concocted a scheme of revenge and like all good strategists planned at least two fronts...We signed the leaflet, The Women’s Anti-Rape squad #38, so people would envision hordes of angry women avengers roaming the streets."


Patricia Lee Jackson author of Takes An Uprising

Patricia Lee Jackson is a 72-year-old dyke, eco-feminist, and communist who walked her first picket line in 1964 - a wildcat teacher strike in Louisville, Kentucky. She now serves as Convener for the Gray Panthers of San Francisco and co-facilitates a series of Intergenerational Storytelling Projects with OutLoud Radio.

The bonding created between youth and elders in intergenerational workshops inspired this writing. Patricia and her partner of 35 years, Zoe Kastl, continue marching for social justice. They currently dwell in San Francisco, California.

Featured positive reviews:

Takes An Uprising by Patricia Lee Jackson
Very engaging reading
Ms. Jackson bravely and eloquently describes the revolutionary climate that fostered the emergence of the LGBTQ community from the shadows to the spotlight and is bold enough to ask not only for our support and acceptance, but also our admiration and love of a population too often denied a voice in our society. Her book provides not only her personal memoir, but also hope and support for anyone struggling with their unique sexuality. Brava, Patricia!
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