Stick-On Halloween Reflective Tags by Luna Tagz

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Just like the moon, LunaTagz are illuminated by light. Spooky Meets Safety! Let your trick-or-treaters be seen from over 300 feet away! 

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Just like the moon, Luna Tagz are illuminated by light. LunaTagz protect the creatures of the night as they run, ride or simply play.
Luna Tagz Halloween Stickers Reflection Safety for kids and pets
Luna Tagz are made with a fusion of genuine 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material and a specially formulated durable adhesive so that you can tag your clothes, bags, pets and kids this Halloween with reflective stickers. They’re ideal for any area that requires safety illumination from street lamps, headlights or any beam of light. 
You’re child will be seen up to 300 feet away! 
Luna Tagz for Halloween Safety for kids and petsYou can see here how these Luna Tagz glow. Protect your child at Halloween and all year long! Each Package includes two reflective stickers or 4 wrist and paw straps. Our reflective stickers are a great way to create your own reflective Halloween costumes. TIP: To permanently adhere to fabric, apply medium heat from an iron or hair dryer for 20 seconds. 
luna tagz reflecive wristbandsThe reflective wrist bands quickly and easily Velcro onto your childs backpacks, trick-or-treat bags, or around your child’s wrists and pet paws with a Velcro closure to provide greater protection at night.  Luna-tag your child and pets today, providing greater visibility and safety at night. Get Luna-tagged today!
4-Pack Luna Tagz halloweenBats and Cats and Ghosts, oh my. Our popular Halloween 4-Pack - 8 Stickers - includes a bat, pumpkin, boo, ghost, cat, hat and two skull reflective patches at $14.99.
luna tagz cat-stickers on bootsAdd 2 More Cats for our super Halloween 5-Pack - 10 Stickers! Includes a bat, pumpkin, boo, ghost, cat, hat, two skull and an additional pack with two more cat reflective patches. These reflective decals offer the greatest visibility and reflect light from up to 300 feet away. Get Luna-tagged today! Create your own reflective Halloween bags and costumes. $19.99
LunaTagz are created by Hala Assile, a New Jersey mother of three. Hala's desire to keep all children safe, and kids' desire to “look cool,” sparked the launch of this business. Be Illuminated by Light!

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