Steinem's Sisters Library & Archive at People Called Women Bookstore in Toledo, Ohio

Feminism Telesummit with Debbie Schwartz - Steinem Sisters Collection

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Launched on Gloria Steinem's 80th Birthday! A model for other communities to adopt. Includes books in and out of print by 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wave Feminists, textbooks, and books by and about Gloria Steinem.

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Debbie Schwartz, Steinem's Sisters Collection


Designed to honor Gloria Steinem in the town where she was born! Steinem's Sisters Library and Archive was originally an exciting new project of People Called Women Books and the Toledo, Ohio, chapter of the National Organization for Women.
Steinem's Sisters Library & ArchiveThe Steinem's Sisters Library and Archive has been developed to sustain feminist thought, values, and culture, by providing access to a wide variety of feminist resources that help inspire learning, spread knowledge, and strengthen feminist community.

- Launched on Gloria Steinem's 80th Birthday!
- A model for other communities to adopt.
- Taking donations of financial support as well as books in and out of print by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wave Feminists and books by and about Gloria Steinem.


We have great news. Steinem's Sisters Collection! Originally named "The Steinem's Sister's Library" by People Called Women Bookstore (PCW) in Toledo where it was housed in it's beginning stages, was donated to the Toledo Lucas County Public Library(TLCPL). It is now called the Steinem Sisters Collection and is being housed at the Main Library. Members of the original PCW Collective who founded the collection in 2014 and worked to build it, serve on the library's Advisory Board for their Steinem's Sisters Collection.

There are book discussions and Talking Circles that continue to gather. PCW is thrilled that the TLCPL has agreed to take it over, and very excited because this means the collection will be maintained, expanded, and readily accessible to the broader community.

About the Collection:
There are tons of exciting things happening in the Women’s Movement right now. From #Metoo and Times Up, to open conversations about the need for feminism to be intentionally intersectional - women are not backing down. However, if you’re new to feminism the amount of material available, new and old, can be overwhelming. But have no fear!
The Library is here to connect you with all your budding feminist reading needs.

The Steinem Sisters Collection at Main Library is a feminist collection created to celebrate the lives and achievements of women, to champion their historical, cultural and political contributions, and to provide a welcoming space for women to share their truth and ideas.

This Steinem Sisters Collection was made possible due to a generous donation by The Steinem’s Sisters Collective.

For more information on The Steinem Sisters Collection at Main Library and related programs, visit special collections on the Library website or call the Humanities Department at 419.259.5218.

Your Library offers access to a world of ideas and tools,
and makes our community a better place for everyone to live.


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