Shikibuton Cotton Roll Up Mat by Cotton Cloud Futons

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A shikibuton, or shiki futon, is a traditional Japanese style mattress of about 3" thick that is often placed on a platform or directly on the floor. Great for the occasional guest bed, in a penthouse, and in an air stream! Extremely portable and can easily be rolled up and stored while not in use. Twin, Full, Queen and King.

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Ships UPS $45.00. U.S. Only.
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Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Shikibuton Cotton Roll Up Mat by Cotton Cloud Futons
At Home in a Penthouse and an Air Stream.

A shikibuton, or shiki futon, is a traditional Japanese style mattress of about 3 inches thick that is often placed on a platform or directly on a traditional floor mat (called tatami). One of the biggest advantages of a shikibuton is that it is extremely portable and can easily be rolled up and stored while not in use.

Our hand crafted shikibuton is made with all natural cotton batting and tufted in a 100% cotton shell.  It measures approximately 3" and will compact and get firmer over time.
Fill: 3" natural cotton (call for organic price quote)
Shell: cotton duck
Fire suppressant: boron mineral powder. Can be made without boron upon request. Increases delivery time 2 weeks.
Can be upgraded to all organic cotton materials.

Shikibutons have many health benefits and can be the ultimate solution for people with back pain. Sleeping on a shikibuton will help to align your head, neck, and spine and helps you maintain a good posture. Many folks say that sleeping on a hard surface may help to diminish some back problems. Their regular mattress may be too soft or have indentations from years of usage. 

Shikibutons improve your sleeping position. They also provide a night of blissful sleep. Many people have already discovered that they sleep better on shikibutons than on an expensive innerspring mattress.

Shikibutons are great for a minimalist way of life. A very thin, firm mat that can be rolled up and tucked away when not in use throughout the day for versatility in the room.

Great for the occasional guest bed. Some side sleepers find this mattress to thin and firm without the use of an additional topper or base support. Add a topper or additional shikibuton for adding comfort and depth. 

Four layers of soft natural cotton batting composes the filling of this mattress and a 100% cotton fabric is used for the outer shell. Our staggered tufting pattern holds the cotton fibers firmly in place. This futon starts out with a soft, plush feel and will compact down to a firmer feel with regular use. Flipping and rotating your futon will maintain it's comfort and will help make sure the fibers are settling and compacting evenly.

MADE TO ORDER Please allow at least 1 week of production time and another week for delivery.

Returns must be requested within 5 days of receipt date. Returns must be undamaged and in the original packaging. You will be responsible for all transportation costs associated with returning merchandise, as well as a standard 20% restocking fee. If order is canceled while merchandise is in transit, you will be responsible for all shipping charges, including those to ship the merchandise back to our warehouse.

Terri Treat owner of Cotton Cloud FutonsCotton Cloud is a labor of love, and allows me to do good work for the planet while benefiting the local community by employing a diverse range
of people, partnering with small businesses, and donating to organizations like In Other Words Feminist Resource Center.

I’m proud to say that all Cotton Cloud products are made by hand with an emphasis on natural materials, renewable resources that are harvested in sustainable ways, and attention to detail. This has been true since I built my first futon in 1981, and my commitment to the planet and my close connection to my community are still as strong as ever. Terri Treat, Owner, Cotton Cloud Futons.

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