Scapegoat by Amy Dawson Robertson

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In a powerhouse follow-up to her lauded debut Miles to Go, Amy Dawson Robertson delves deeper into the trials of a hero coping with the complicated landscape of guilt, responsibility and honor.

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Excerpt from Chapter 1: Istanbul, Turkey

Rennie Vogel stepped into the courtyard closing the door behind her. She checked her watch before pausing to take in the moon, low and perfectly full, silhouetting the dramatic spire of the former Beyoglu hospital against the sky, clear tonight. The courtyard had come with the apartment and was double its size. The same pattern of green, white and coral red tiled her living space and extended into the courtyard and up six steps to a narrow rise lined with lush potted plants. A high stuccoed wall enclosed the courtyard and tonight, like most nights, a black cat sat on the wall eerily outlined against the backdrop of the city. She turned away from the flash of the cat’s eyes to fit her key into the iron gate that led up a short flight of steps where she threw the bolt on the heavy door to the street...

Amy Dawson Robertson Author of Scapegoat


Amy Dawson Robertson is a native Virginian. She graduated from St. John’s College in Annapolis. Amy lives in the Washington DC area, and her writing interests include genre fiction, short stories and graphic novels. She creates strong female characters in action-packed stories drawn on current events.

Scapegoat is her second novel, a sequel to Miles To Go.

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