Ruby's Red Wash for Menstruation

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Life is much easier and far more pleasant with Ruby’s Red Wash. Great for panties, clothes, bed sheets, and cloth pads. Perfect gift for First Period Packs. Safe, non-toxic, biodegradable. Saves money, no more replacement panties -- or period panties. 8 oz. and 1 oz. travel size. 


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"I developed Ruby’s Red Wash menstrual stain remover as a way to begin to help break down the cultural menstrual taboo, and to help women on a large scale: Practically, to remove their stains, and emotionally to help them feel more accepting about their bodies."

rubys-red-wash-illustrationSave those Undies! Ruby's Red Wash is the bleedin' obvious solution to menstrual stains. It’s perfect for all women and girls who bleed menstrually. It also works just as well on blood from an injury. So, if you’re a first-time bleeder, or even if you are approaching the end of your red days, you need Ruby’s Red Wash. 

A stain remover just for women, to solve the problem of menstrual or period blood stained clothing. Save your special undies, sheets, and clothes, and save your money! There’s no need for special period panties anymore, because Ruby’s dissolves even dried, set-in blood. Quite simply, any girl or women who bleeds or has a period needs Ruby’s Red Wash. You are never too old or too young to make your life easier with Ruby’s Red Wash!

It’s the perfect solution for new mothers and for women and girls who wear cloth pads. Clean your reusables easily!

Ruby’s makes a great addition for a first-period pack. Do a girl about to start her period a big favor and show her that menstruation is a part of life, and that you love her.

ruby's red washHow it works: Ruby’s Red Wash is made of a biodegradable mixture of bacterial cultures, an alcohol-based detergent, and essential oils for scent. It has a pleasing natural fragrance and is safe to use. It’s safe, non-toxic, contains no harsh chemicals, is not tested on animals, and contains no animal products. It’s also biodegradable and eco-friendly.

How to use: It’s easy to use. Just pour a bit on a stain, work it in a bit if you want, and watch it quickly melt away. If you have a tough stain or you like the lazier route, just put the garment and Ruby’s in a basin and let it soak. Either way, when the stain is gone, rinse and throw in the wash and you’re done! It saves time. No more standing over a sink and no more scrubbing with multiple products. Let Ruby’s do the work for you and go do other things while you are stain-removing. 

rubys-red-wash-travel-size.jpgTravel Size: The same great solution in a travel-size 1 ounce bottle! Perfect for getting through airport bag inspections easily, and it's just enough to erase the menstrual stains out of a few pairs of your favorite undies. If you have to pack lightly and you are on your period, the travel-size is the way to go!

Ruby's Red Wash saves your precious undies, bed sheets and other clothes from landing in the trash! It dissolves all kinds of blood stains, from first menses to menopausal blood to blood from an injury. 

Ruby’s Red Wash saves you money by not having to buy new “replacement” underwear, bed sheets, or clothes.

Ruby’s Red Wash saves worry. How many times have you bled through your underwear during the day or onto your sheets at night only to have “getting out the stain” nagging at you until you do it? Let the stain dry if you want, Ruby’s will get it out when you get to it.

Return Policy: Please contact our Customer Care within 5 days of receiving your product if you have questions about returns. 


carolyn deforest founder of Ruby's Red WashCarolyn DeForest, founder of Ruby's Red Wash, studied the meaning of menstruation and conducted research for her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. She wanted to know how the culture defines menstruation versus the meaning individual women gave to their periods. What she heard from several women is, "Bleeding is messy, and tending to one’s periodic bleeding is time-consuming, inconvenient and ultimately expensive in this culture."

​Being a woman herself, she could completely relate and realized that there has never been a product created especially for women, one designed to remove blood stains that can otherwise ruin panties, clothes, and sheets. Gloria Steinem says in an essay on the topic of women and menstruation, "If men bled, the world would look different." In other words, if men bled, menstruating would be catered to in this culture and thoroughly accommodated. She expanded on that theory and realized that if men bled, there would have already been 100 products on the market for the easy removal of blood, right? Right. 

"So, here it is. Ladies and girls, this is my gift to you, your solution. You are no longer shamed, overlooked, and ignored for doing what comes beautifully and naturally and perhaps messily every month, or whenever or for how long it stays."

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