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Feminism Telesummit with Marianne Schnall - What Will It Take to Make A Woman President?

You will learn why feminists should be vegans, the links between diet and the environment, how religion is a tool for change, and the economical, environmental, and personal health implications of Vegetarianism. “We have extended ethics outward from self to family to community to all of humanity. We are now called to extend moral consideration to other species.” Professor Lisa Kemmerer

Marianne Schnall on What It Takes to Elect a Woman President

Marianne Schnall at the Feminism Telesummit: What will it take to make a woman president?


Lisa Kemmerer says, "The most important thing is that we feel right and that we do not numb out in despair -- then we can move toward solutions."

You will learn the links between diet and the environment: Human hunger continues as 70% of corn and soy are fed to animals, ruining the earth and harming the animals. This means that 70% of our land could be returned to wildlife, nature, and solar and wind energy!

Religion is a tool like feminism to bring sustainable change: Based on your own core convictions, connect to the suffering of animals with love, acceptance and non-judgement.

- Class Cost Analysis: Eating Vegan is the cheapest diet and very nutritious.

- Learn how animal agriculture has the worst impact on the environment, including fishing and hunting.

- Pollutants in fish flesh disrupt ecosystems by killing eagles, sea lions, and other animals.

- Why Feminists should be Vegans? If you don't want to be exploited, then don't exploit others.

- Milk and eggs are especially exploitative to female animals.

- Grass fed meat is more destructive to the environment.

- Cattle methane is the worst climate change polluter.

- Supply and demand lead us to new jobs and sustainable change. Changing occupations sooner is better than later.

- We need a Balanced Diet. Physicians Committee for Responsible Research (PCRM) has vegan oriented questions and answers.

Lisa Kemmerer is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religions at Montana State University, Billings. She is an author, and philosopher-activist, dedicated to working against oppression on behalf of the environment, nonhuman animals, and disempowered human beings. She is an animal advocate in cattle country.

Education formed Lisa's sensitivities, and becoming a teacher allows her to challenge her students and explore controversial issues with passion and integrity. She says, "Everyone is different, and at the core of our personal ethic is caring. Lisa's books "Eating Earth" with practical solutions, and "Sister Species" with women's personal narratives are available at


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