Jewel of The Womb Pillar Candle by naCHerel Handmade

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This candle began as an idea then was formed into a sculpture by Naive Artist Bridgette Edmond owner of naCHerel Handmade, then a mold was created to form this one of a kind candle that contains jewelry in her womb.
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This candle began as an idea then was formed into a sculpture by Naive Artist Bridgette Edmond owner of naCHerel Handmade, then a mold was created to form this one of a kind candle that contains jewelry in her womb. As she melts down magical scents of beautiful indulgent aromas will fill your home, she will then birth a beautiful pair of earrings for you to ware. A woman's body is an amazing thing, that can endure the growth and the birth of a new life, a jewel that will grow and shine. This candle would make a beautiful gift for anyone.

I am a TN naive artist, from the Smoky Mountains, whom owns naCHerel Handmade. That is a 1 person company, I do everything from start to finish. With art I have no training or schooling . I am self-taught and use my very own technique to create my handmade products here in my own home.

I offer multiple handmade products that would be considered art in some form or fashion. Beginning with artwork, I have taught myself many mediums. That I use to create sketches and paintings. I use acrylic, oil pastels, watercolor, digital sketching and painting.

Secondary is my candles and tart melts, I have researched and experimented with several ingrediants to create one of a kind candles and tart melts. Most of my candles start out as sculptures, then are turned into molds to create beautiful original naCHerel Handmade branded pillar candles.

Some of my tart melts go through the same process. Some are my own sculptures and others not.

I use a variety of waxes for my candle products. For pillars I use a paraffin blend and for my tarts I use soy wax. Then to scents I use highly infused scents to fill my products with indulging aromas that will linger on in your home creating a peaceful and delightful setting. On to fashion I use 2 companies Skyou and Vida, that make all their products by hand. Allowing me to add my artwork to their clothing and accessory lines enables me to offer wearable handmade art to display on the human gallery.

And lastly the most important thing to me is you my customer. You the human being only have one life to live. And every second, minute and hour of your life is precious to me. And when you take time out of your life to shop with me, I am honored that you chose me to be apart of your life and hope your experience with me is nothing less than exceptional. "I will continue to create, until I can create no more." -Bridgette Edmond, Owner

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