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You Believers by Jane Bradley


Part Southern gothic, part crime, part haunting suspense story. A haunting journey that rewards the reader with insight into how we might endure horrible events with faith, strength, and grace.

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“…Like the story of Persephone picking flowers in a field one spring afternoon. Hades comes roaring up in his chariot, black horses digging up dirt with their hooves, hot breath swirling from flared nostrils. With a quick swoop of thick, muscled arm, Hades snatches the girl, drags her down to the underworld. You know the story. A mother comes to the rescue, finds her daughter has eaten six seeds of the dark fruit, pomegranate seeds that crunched between the girl’s teeth, red juice running from her lips. And the mother’s world, the whole wide world, is changed…”

When a young woman goes missing, a professional searcher with uncanny empathetic skill works heroically to find her. You Believers is a powerful cathartic story of casual evil and how the worst things can be faced so that one might not only survive but grow. A young woman goes missing, and her mother uproots her life to find her daughter. With the help of an amazingly dedicated searcher, Bradley renders the search for logic, meaning, redemption and even hope in the domino force that is human nature.

Part Southern gothic, part crime, part haunting suspense story, You Believers takes readers on a harrowing journey that rewards the reader with insight into how we might endure horrible events with faith, strength and grace even while it reveals the ripple effects of random violence.

jane bradley you believersJane Bradley was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where she was raised by her mother, Barbara Biggs her stepfather, Melvin “Shorty” Biggs whose nickname was ironic given he was a large powerful man. Her childhood was a poor one and rough given both parents had drinking problems. Bradley found refuge in reading fairy tales, then any novel or biography she could get her hands on. When Bradley was sixteen, her mother was arrested for selling drugs and sent to prison. Bradley’s siblings scattered and she managed living on her own while finishing school one year ahead of schedule and working at a local Woolworth’s.

At seventeen she went to Spain for three months where she studied with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Back in Chattanooga, she and her young friends founded the Transcendental Meditation Center. She soon realized that she needed a college education to succeed in life and she attended UT-Chattanooga. She went on to attend Syracuse University for her Masters degree in English and her M.F.A from Vermont College.

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