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Words Are Not for Hurting/Las Palabras by Elizabeth Verdick

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Bilingual early childhood board book teaching children how to choose words that are helpful, not hurtful. Includes helpful tips for parents and caregivers.


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Children learn that their words belong to them.

They can think before they speak, then choose what to say and how to say it. The book makes the connection between hurtful words and feelings of anger, sadness, and regret. It introduces positive ways for children to respond when others say mean or unkind words to them. And it reinforces the importance of saying “I’m sorry,” two little words that can be a big help.

Includes activities and discussion starters that parents, caregivers, and educators can use when working with children.


“I was a children’s and parenting books editor for many years before I began writing books myself. Once I became a parent, I wanted to share what I’d learned from my own family and from talking with other parents and experts. My favorite audience to write for is toddlers — they’re brimming with energy and leaning so much about the world every day. It’s always fun to try to keep my words simple, warm, and reassuring for them.” Elizabeth Verdick

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