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Winter Solstice Holiday Cards by Sudie Rakusin


Send messages from the Archetypes of Winter. These beautiful art cards are the perfect greeting for those seeking a card with a seasonal focus. 5″ x 7″. Each boxed set of 12 comes packaged in a clear box with 12 matching envelopes.



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Sudie Rakusin’s Holiday Cards call to mind the ancient archetypes of Winter’s sacred power.
Winter has been seen as holy and powerful for millennia. These cards are the perfect greeting if you seeking a card with a seasonal focus. 


 Sankt Snöa‘s message is a perfect greeting for friends and family. Inspiration to welcome winter’s purity and solitude, and a reminder to use this time of rest to rejuvenate our minds, bodies, and spirits.

A beautiful artful reminder to loved ones to appreciate the calm chill of winter as a time of introspection and growth. Winter’s frost coats the trees’ black branches, all seems silent, every sound muffled by a fresh blanket of snow. Life withdraws, as animals and plants hibernate during this season for slowing down and turning within.

Twelve 5 x 7 notecards with twelve envelopes

Sankt Snöa inside message:
 In the snowy simplicity of winter’s calm we rest and are nourished. 




Winter Solstice It is believed that five days after the first new moon, following the Winter Solstice, the white-clad Druid goes into the forest with a sacred sickle to harvest the mistletoe, its hallowed leaves and berries heralding the return of the sun.

Twelve 5 x 7 notecards with twelve envelopes

 Winter Solstice Inside greeting:

In the quiet stillness of winter, we hear nature’s whispered song.




SudieRakusin Sudie Rakusinis a visual artist, sculptor, illustrator and children’s book author. Her artwork flows from what moves her: women, animals and the earth.

She creates environments that are lush, rich with color and pattern. Sudie currently resides in Hillsborough, NC, in the woods, on the edge of a meadow, surrounded by her gardens, with her Great Dane, Fiona Fig, and Pitt/Boxer, Marmalade Moon.

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