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The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth by Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor

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“The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth”
by Monica Sjöö & Barbara Mor

This passionate exploration draws on religious traditions, cultures and archeological sources from all over the world and throughout history, recreating the Goddess religion that is our ancient heritage. 44 of Monica Sjoo’s works illustrate this volume. ISBN 9780062507914.

Monica Sjöö and Barbare Mor show that the religion of the Goddess, which is tied to the cycles of women’s bodies, the seasons, the phases of the moon and the fertility of the earth, was the original religion of all humanity.

“One of the most important books I’ve ever read.” Alice Walker 

“This is an abundant, powerful book that… presents a vivid picture of the tragic consequences caused by the savage priests of savage patriarchy. It forcefully shows that the matristic religion, which lasted for many millennia before the patriarchy, provides an indispensable key to an understanding of the human experience. The Great Cosmic Mother… will reach the hearts and minds of many readers.” Marija Gimbutas, Professor Emerita of Archaeology at U.C.L.A. 

“A work that both inflames and inspires… a profound influence in modern feminist thought.” Barbara Walker

“A substantial and important contribution to feminist scholarship and theory — and a fascinating work to read, as well.” Robin Mogan

“In a voice that is both passionate and poetic, [The Great Cosmic Mother] tells us of an earlier time when our Creat Mother was still worshipped, a time we need to understand if we are to create a better future.” Riane Eisler

monica-sjoo-the-great-cosmic-motherthe-great-cosmic-mother-barbara-morMonica Sjoo (left) is well known in Europe as the foremost artist and theoretician of the re-emerging Goddess religion. Forty-four of her own works illustrate this volume.

Barbara Mor (right) is an American poet, Goddess scholar, and former poetry consultant for WomanSpirit Magazine.

Monica sent her Cosmic Mother pamphlet to Jean and Ruth Mountaingrove, publishers of the “Womanspirit” journal in Oregon. They put Monica in touch with Barbara Mor, who lived in New Mexico. That was the beginning of an extra-ordinary postal partnership, which after several years resulted eventually in the publication of “The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth”, a book that made them both famous.

Monica Sjöö was an author, activist, public speaker, and one of the most important feminist artists of our time. Her message remains just as relevant today. She was dedicated to fighting for the rights of women, oppressed peoples, and the Earth. Her art makes visible these issues which she was so passionate about.

Monica  was born in Sweden in 1938, and began painting in the late 1950’s. A prolific painter, Monica produced over 250 large works in oil and numerous smaller mixed media images and drawings. Her later works speak of ancient matriarchal times drawing on Goddess and female symbols of the past that are timeless and which reflect her life-long research into ancient woman-cultures. She traveled and exhibited internationally. She was a tireless activist for women’s rights, social justice and the environment.

This photo of Barbara Mor appears on a page from the 1981 edition of the book with the ‘author description’ she wrote about herself:

“As an American poet, my life and work is fed by three streams: the study of ancient goddess worship, being a mother, and love of the earth. I began studying matriarchies and teaching women’s prehistory in 1969, in Southern California. Since 1975, I’ve been a poetry editor for WomanSpirit Magazine, published in Wolf Creek, Oregon. Many of my longpoems have been printed in that magazine. Other publications include: bitter root rituals (1975), Mother Tongue (1977) and Winter Ditch and Other Poems (1979); plus poems in south­west regional anthologies and quarterlies. I have three children. For me, feminism makes no sense unless it goes to the root of the problem: the life-hatred inherent in patriarchal religious and social systems.”

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