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The Cushion in the Road by Alice Walker


Legendary Alice Walker discusses the themes of her life and work: racism, Palestine, Africa, Obama, Assata Shakur, Julian Assange, and more.

The National Book Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Color Purple explores our modern world with “compassion, courage, and humor” (Booklist).

Alice Walker once ached for retirement, but in the turmoil of the Democratic primaries and the economic collapse of 2008, she realized she simply had a great deal more to say. Leaving her meditation cushion behind, she found herself traveling the world once again to speak of our intertwined personal, spiritual, and political destinies through ruminations, poems, essays, and letters.

At the height of her literary powers, this revered American novelist, poet, essayist, and activist invites readers on a journey of political awakening and spiritual insight. While visiting subjects she has addressed throughout her career–including racism, Africa, Palestinian solidarity, and Cuba–as well as addressing emergent issues, such as the presidency of Barack Obama and health care, Walker explores her conflicting impulses to retreat into inner contemplation and to remain deeply engaged with the world.

Rich with humor and wisdom, and informed by Walker’s unique eye for the details of human and natural experience, The Cushion in the Road is “a heartfelt response to a new generation’s yearning for public service” (Kirkus Reviews).

“Walker’s concern for the state of humanity and the planet comes through as impassioned and genuine.” —Publishers Weekly

“Quintessential Alice Walker: edgy, demanding, prayerful, loving, and aware. An essential companion for those who wish to be a force for positive change in our perpetually challenging world.” —ForeWord Magazine

“Infused with a quiet grace and gentle resolve to act responsibly.” —Kirkus Reviews


the-cushion-in-the-road by alice-walker

The Cushion in the Road: Meditation and Wandering as the Whole World Awakens to Being in Harm’s Way by Alice Walker

Alice Walker discusses many of the dominant themes in her life and work including racism, Palestine, Africa and Obama’s presidency.

She also discusses the Obama administration’s recent addition of former Black Panther Assata Shakur to the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list 40 years after the killing for which she was convicted, her travels to the Eastern Congo, and the ongoing targeting of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

This collection of essays explores her conflicting desire for deep engagement in the world and for a retreat into her familiar and necessary quiet contemplation. ISBN 9781595589866.

In this video, Legendary author, poet and activist Alice Walker discusses “The Cushion in the Road: Meditation and Wandering as the Whole World Awakens to Being in Harm’s Way.”

alice-walker-the-cushion-in-the-middle-of-the-road.jpgAlice Walker is an internationally celebrated author, poet and activist. She’s best known for The Color Purple, the 1983 novel for which she was the first African American woman to win the Pulitzer Prize, though, in her opinion, not the first African American woman to deserve it.

Alice Walker has been an activist all of her adult life. She is a staunch defender not only of human rights, but of the rights of all living beings. She is one of the world’s most prolific writers, yet tirelessly continues to travel the world to stand on the side of the poor, and the economically, spiritually and politically oppressed, and on the side of the revolutionaries, teachers and leaders who seek change and transformation of the world.

Upon returning from Gaza in 2008, Walker said, “Going to Gaza was our opportunity to remind the people of Gaza and ourselves that we belong to the same world: the world where grief is not only acknowledged, but shared; where we see injustice and call it by its name; where we see suffering and know the one who stands and sees is also harmed, but not nearly so much as the one who stands and sees and says and does nothing.”

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