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Steinem’s Sisters Library & Archive

Make a One-Time Donation of any amount to the Steinem’s Sisters Library. Donate to sustaining feminist thought, values, and culture by providing access to a wide variety of feminist resources that help inspire learning, spread knowledge, and strengthen feminist community. Designed to honor Gloria Steinem in the town where she was born! Gloria Steinem seen here with Gina Mercurio at a “Sold Out” 2015 public library event in Toledo, Ohio. Gina is the owner of People Called Women Books in Toledo where the Steinem Sisters Library is housed.


Launched on Gloria Steinem’s 80th Birthday! A model for other communities to adopt. Includes books in and out of print by 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wave Feminists, textbooks, and books by and about Gloria Steinem.

steinems sisters library and archive

Make Your Voice Heard with a One-Time Donation to The Steinem’s Sisters Library & Archive

Sustaining Feminism is a Collective Quest

Mission Statement

Steinem’s Sisters is a feminist lending library and archive in Northwest Ohio established to honor Gloria Steinem and sustain feminist thought, values and culture. Steinem’s Sisters provides access to a wide variety of feminist resources to help inspire learning, spread knowledge, and strengthen feminist community.

Learn more about the Library in our interview with Debbie Schwartz about the Lending Library here. Debbie is seen to the right sitting with the Library at it’s beginning!

As a feminist lending library and archive, the Steinem’s Sisters’ collection focuses on:

– Important works by first, second, and third wave feminists, with an emphasis on rare and out of print books and books by or about Gloria Steinem.

– Textbooks and primary sources for women’s and gender studies courses.

Other materials representative of feminist thought and values, such as violence against women resources and multicultural resources, will also be included in the collection.

Donations are not tax deductible.

Gloria Steinem seen above with Gina Mercurio, owner of People Called Women Books, at a “Sold Out” public library event in Toledo, Ohio, November 2015.

Gloria’s newest book: My Life on the Road here. 

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