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Podcast: Secrets of Salience – Lesbian Tent Revival by Carolyn Gage


Free podcast from the 9th Lesbian Tent Revival at the 40th Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. This sermon was subtitled “How to Get the Most Out of This Festival”… but it could also be “How to Get the Most Out of Your Life Post-Fest”


The first sermon of Carolyn Gage’s 2015 Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival Lesbian Tent Revivals.
carolyn gage salience - lesbian tent revival 2015

Carolyn Gage DVD The Lesbian Tent Revival Radio Show

Carolyn Gage is a lesbian feminist playwright, performer, director, activist, and author of nine books on lesbian theatre and sixty-five plays, musicals, and one-woman shows. Carolyn specializes in non-traditional roles for women, especially those reclaiming famous lesbians whose stories have been distorted or erased from history. One of the most prolific feminist playwrights in the world, Carolyn Gage is a dynamic speaker and a powerful role model.

Carolyn Gage’s work has been endorsed by feminist authors and activists, including Andrea Dworkin, Mary Daly, Phyllis Chesler, Victoria A. Brownworth, Diana E.H. Russell, and John Stoltenberg. Carolyn was named contributing editor to the national feminist quarterly.

Sister Carolyn takes her Tent Revivals on the road to festivals, towns, and communities where she inspires women with her truth, clarity and dramatic presentation.  You will reach back with Sister Carolyn into our histories and the histories of our foremothers for strategies that reinforce connection and weave webs of alliances and support.

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