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Peaceful Pony Tincture by Flower Essence Energy


Flower Essence Tincture to Compose your Frisky Pony. 100% Natural for Your Green Pets. 1 oz.

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Place in water, or on your hands and rub into their coat.

Ingredients:  Flower Essences, Water, and Brandy or Glycerine. (Alcohol-Free formulas are made with Glycerine.)

Support the emotional needs of your Equine Friends

Flower Essence Energy Peaceful Pony Tincture100% Natural and Non-Toxic. Animals sense our emotional states. They are naturally intuitive and in tune with their owners and the environment. Animals react and learn from our behavior. When we are distressed, our pets will often act out our feelings for us.

Flower Essence Pet Tinctures help animals with abnormal states such as fear, stress, nervous behavior, anxiety and depression. With Peaceful Pony Tincture, you soothe your horse’s nervous emotions, help them calm down, and mellow out! They’ll lead a happier, healthier life!

yellowflowers.gifSo what are flower essences? And how are they made? Flower Essences are liquid extracts that are used to address profound issues of emotional well being, soul development, and mind-body health. Flower Essences do not carry the aroma of the flower, but rather the “vibrational signature“ of the whole plant. Flower Essences are made by going to the place where the plant is growing naturally and in healthy ABUNDANCE.

Then, much like the principle of homeopathy, the essence of the plant and flowers are mindfully collected. The process of creating the Flower Essence is a quiet meditation. When I begin to make an essence, I look for a nice sunny spot in the field or grove, and fill a clear glass bowl with water from a local spring or well.

The sun, water and the flowers form a vibrational matrix, which is then transmuted into the water. The Flower Essence becomes infused with the Life Force of the plant or place.

Maggie Smith, founder of Flower Essence EnergyEach item in our product line is made with care and loving intention to Restore Harmony and Balance for Body, Mind and Spirit.

An advanced energy healer, Maggie Smith is a graduate and teacher for the School of Energy Mastery. Her journey with flower essences began in 1993 with the Flower Essence Society of California. She is currently the United States teaching representative for the “Living Essences of Australia”. Over the years Maggie has expanded her awareness of the vitality of flower essence therapy and her knowledge and skills through aromatherapy training.


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