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Organic Tierra Menstrual Pads by Orethic


OrEthic Eco-Pads are panty-liners, menstrual pads, and incontinence pads. Hand-crafted by women in Spain. Super-absorbent but extra-thin. Breathable and comfortable. Easy to use and even reversible! Small, Medium, Large Overnight. Available in three colors: Green, Brown Natural.



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Orethic Eco-pad Panty-liners, Menstrual and Incontinence Pads are hand-crafted by women in Spain, and have been designed to have everything we can possibly ask from a pad:

Super-absorbent but extra-thin. Breathable and comfortable. Easy to use and even reversible!

Orethic EcoPads’ thin appearance may be deceptive. They are made with several layers of very absorbent organic cotton, plus the water-proof and breathable built-in inner layer. Very soft and comfortable to wear. The external layers may be both cotton or a combination of cotton and bamboo fabric, either one equally efficient. Recommended for heavy flow, night time, incontinence. For women using the menstrual cup, it is an alternative for night times when to go with the flow is preferred. Most likely you will not need to waste money in disposable products anymore, and your Orethic pads will do their job for years to come, so no need to invest any more in cloth pads either, unless you fancy new prints of course! Many mums like to have them at home ready for the first menarche of their daughters and to make sure they have something special handy for the big day of starting womanhood! Our panty-liners are also a favorite for mature women with bladder management issues. It makes them feel safe and protected at any moment of the day.

Approx. Dimensions:

Size Dimensions:

Small: wings opened 7.75″ long x 5.75″ wide; wings snapped 7.75″ long x 2.25″ wide; folded:2.50″x 2.50″

Medium: wings opened: 9″ long x 7.50″ wide; wings snapped: 9″ long x 3″wide; folded: 3.25″x 3″

Large: wings opened: 11″ long x 7″ 3/4″ wide; wings snapped: 11″ long x 3″ 1/4″ wide; folded: 3.50″x 3″

Overnight: wings opened: 13″ long x 9″ wide; wings snapped: 13″ long x 4″ wide; folded: 4.50″x 4″

Dolores Rubio-Turtle, founded Orethic, organic and ethical when she realized the huge amount of waste that a beautiful baby can produce using disposable diapers. After joining the Women and Environment Network in London, Dolores was determined to share the information and alternatives she had found with like-minded parents. In 2012, after having successfully inspired hundreds of other mums to set up their own business and sell cloth diapers in Spain, Dolores was determined to spread her Spanish creativity into other countries and has started the internationalization of her company by promoting her own range of organic and ethical products under the registered international trade mark, Orethic.

The Orethic products are all manufactured in Spain. All the materials used are certified organic. At Orethic, not only do we offer certified organic textiles, but our fabrics also have the new quality stamp MADE FOR HEALTH. This new chemical safety certification and biological evaluation for medical textiles complies with REACH regulations. Our packaging has been specially designed to minimize its environmental impact and has the Cradle to Cradle certification too.

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