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Meinrad Craighead “Praying With Images” DVD


A new documentary about artist and teacher, Meinrad Craighead and her mystical encounters with God as Mother. Weaves Catholicism, Native American Shamanism and Ancient European Mythology.


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Weaving together elements of Catholicism, Native American Shamanism, and Ancient Mythology, Meinrad Craighead’s paintings erupt in expansive images of God as Mother.

This hour-long documentary, Meinrad Craighead: Praying with Images chronicles the life and work of a remarkable artist and teacher, and her mystical encounters with the Divine Feminine. You will learn of the experiences that have influenced Meinrad, from her formative years in her native Arkansas where her greatest influences were the Catholic Church, the natural environment, and her grandmother who encouraged her to draw and paint.

You will learn of Meinrad’s time in Europe as a nun, and her interactions with the culture in New Mexico where she now lives. Meinrad explores the connections between Catholicism, Ancient Mythology, and Native American Shamanism in her art and ideas about God.

See nearly 100 of Meinrad’s images that have flowed from her dreams and visions of the Divine Feminine over the last 50 years, and experience her moving images and stories of the devastating 2003 bosque fire, and travel with her on a recent pilgrimage to visit her beloved Black Madonna of Montserrat in Spain.

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meinrad craighead DVD Praying with ImagesMeinrad Craighead says, “If I didn’t paint, I wouldn’t know where I am in the world.” Her truly original art spans time and distance and tradition to combine imagery from Catholicism, Native American Shamanism, and Ancient Mythology. Add to the mix her own dreams and mystic visions, and the result is a unique synthesis of energy, color, and connectedness.

Sponsoring Organization: The Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South (RCWMS) is a  nonprofit organization dedicated to weaving feminism and spirituality into a vision of justice for the world for the past 31 years! Over these years, RCWMS has sponsored dozens of workshops, conferences, and retreats on women and religion, equal rights, economic justice, community economic development, health care, and violence against women and children. The organization has mentored and encouraged young women, professionals in religious institutions, writers, and activists.

No returns as RCWMS cannot restock the product.

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