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Journey Cards for Guidance by Sudie Rakusin


19 full-color Imagined Saints cards; 36 pen-and-ink Multicultural Goddess cards; 132-page book featuring descriptions of each Saint Goddess and suggestions for use.


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Do you crave the clarity of a daily snapshot of your life? Would your next steps be surer if you had a candle to shine into the shadows of your past? Are you seeking guidance as you create a roadmap for your future?

Sudie Rakusin Journey Cards This deck contains intricate pen-and-ink drawings of goddesses from throughout my career. It also contains multimedia paintings of saints from my imagination. Sanctus Cumulus, the Latin Saint of Clouds, was the first to reveal herself to me in a dream, followed soon after by 18 of her glorious sisters. The feminine energies of the world’s well-loved goddesses combine beautifully with those of these as-yet-unknown saints to create a distinctive and comprehensive deck of divination cards.

Sudie Rakusin Journe yCards Draw inspiration from the dynamic feminine energy of these intimate, detailed images. Gain personal insights as you immerse yourself in a collective wisdom forged from thousands of years of goddess-centered life. Open yourself to the epiphanies the Universe whispers in your ear whenever you invite Her in. Wherever you are in your journey, the saints and goddesses inhabiting these cards will light your passage and empower you with grace awareness, integrity, and strength.

Concept and Artwork by Sudie Rakusin. Text by Sudie Rakusin, Kristine Goad, and Anna Styers-Barnett.



Sudie Rakusin is a visual artist, sculptor, illustrator and children’s book author. Her artwork flows from what moves her: women, animals and the earth.

She creates environments that are lush, rich with color and pattern. Sudie currently resides in Hillsborough, NC, in the woods, on the edge of a meadow, surrounded by her gardens, with her Great Dane, Fiona Fig, and Pitt/Boxer, Marmalade Moon.

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