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Hope Aromatherapy Spray by Flower Essence Energy


Uplifts the spirit in times of grief, depression and sadness. Frankincense, Neroli and Laurel. 1 oz.


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Hope Aromatherapy Spray uplifts the spirit in times of grief, depression and sadness. Aroma: Frankincense, Neroli and Laurel.

Using the Energy Sprays: When misted about the head and body, these Flower Essence Energy Sprays invite you to take a deep breath. The Bulgarian Rose Oil arouses olfactory and skin sensations. The Flower Essences uplift your energy. You experience a sense of well being and calm. You can choose to respond rather than react… to live in the moment.

Flower Essence Energy natural remedy sprays are created using high quality essential oils and flower essences from the wild. Our natural remedies are safe and will not react negatively with other treatment modalities or medications.

Maggie Smith, founder of Flower Essence EnergyAn advanced energy healer, Maggie Smith, is a graduate and teacher for the School of Energy Mastery. Her journey with flower essences began in 1993 with the Flower Essence Society of California. She is currently the United States teaching representative for the “Living Essences of Australia”. Over the years Maggie has expanded her awareness of the vitality of flower essence therapy and her knowledge and skills through aromatherapy training.

Flowers are one of God’s most beautiful and vital creations. Each flower was created with a unique vibrational signature. “Flower Essence Energy Sprays” contain the life force of flowers. Through a gentle alchemical process these properties have been preserved for our benefit. Each of us also has a unique vibration, when we come in contact with flowers we resonate with their beauty, their fragrance and energy. We move into a feeling of balance and harmony. You can experience this when you use Flower Essence Energy Sprays.

Flower Essence Energy prodcts are 100% natural, bottled by hand and guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase.

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