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Garden Buddies by Linda Fritz


Not all bugs are bad! And why not try a natural alternative to pests instead of chemicals? With playful rhymes and realistic art, author, illustrator, and sustainable farmer Linda Fritz introduces children to some of the beneficial creatures that help a garden. This 32-page picture book has a different “Garden Buddy” and plant on each page for the child to find along with a quick reference guide in the back with more information about the creatures. Perfect for a young child interested in gardens, bugs, or the outdoors, if your family is starting to grow your own food, for an older child to read about earth-friendly gardening practices, or as an aid in the classroom when teaching about sustainable and regenerative agriculture.



Linda Fritz is a communty-minded woman farmer. Sun Sugar Farms is a 100% woman-owned business and supports many nonprofit organizations including schools and food pantries.

Linda Fritz is an engineer, homemaker, ad agency business owner, farmer and eco-warrior. In 2012, Linda Fritz set out to tackle the issue of grocery bag waste. The average American uses 500 plastic grocery bags per year, and most cheap reusable bags cannot be recycled. As Linda was transporting her sustainably-grown edamame to market in reusable produce bins she came up with the idea of the CRESBI crate system to replace both types of bags. And since a single CRESBI crate can replace up to 6 plastic bags, one of her multi-pack systems will eliminate ever needing another bag again. Besides repurposing reusable bags into place mats and pet rugs to keep them from landfills, Linda is also designing a new patent-pending Sustainable Produce Container made of cardboard for her cherry tomatoes and for other produce farmers. She also has many videos on her youtube channel she’s made for anti-littering campaigns and being green in general. Linda loves playing sports, being outdoors, and hanging out with her pets and family.

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