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Double Venus Earrings 2 by Jane Iris Designs


Coupled together, the Double Venus has become a symbol for Lesbians. Comes with meaning card and gift box. Each earring measures 30mm. Sterling Silver.



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Venus is the planet associated in astrology with the yin qualities of affection, receptivity, creativity and harmony. Coupled together, the Double Venus has become a symbol for Lesbians. 


 (Left) Double Venus #1 Earrings are Sterling Silver and each single Venus sign measures 30 mm.

(Right) Double Venus #2 Earrings are also Sterling Silver and  each earring measures 1/2″ x 1/4″.

“It must be one of life’s great mysteries that no matter how much things change, there remains a thread of continuity that runs through it all.” Jane Iris

Jane Iris Designs at

From the subconscious to design, you will find a part of yourself in the Jane Iris Designs Jewelry Collection.  Jane Iris jewelry is proudly made by four women casters in America, and finished by Patti Ann Sansome, owner of Jane Iris Designs. Woman owned and operated for 19 years!

Divinity is based on mysteries. The Ancients conceived of divinity based on the important mysteries of their time: cycles of birth, life & death, fertility & survival. Our desire for self-awareness makes our emotions, dreams and intuitions the mysteries of our lives; it is a basis for the mythologies of our time.

The imagery of Jane Iris Designs attempts to capture these mysteries in a media that is both visual and tactile. These images, forged from the gifts of our Earth, precious metals and stones, are meant to speak for your inner spirit and guide you on the path of your life’s journey. Enjoy!

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