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Chakra Stone Pouches by Rose Two Feathers


Handcrafted leather pouches with 2 Chakra Stones in each. Key stones for aligning, energizing, and grounding each Chakra. All Chakra Pouch also available with 14 stones. Free Shipping to Continental U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada.

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Ships USPS Free Continental U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada.
Pouch prices are increased for International Shipping.

Creations with Spirit by Rose Two Feathers. Collect one or all.
You will begin to feel a difference within 4-6 months time if carried or when used daily.

Chakra Stone Pouches by Rose Two Feathers

Each beautiful Pouch is made of Pig or Cow Hide. Small leather pouches to carry for grounding and activating the chakra centers (1st through 7th). Each pouch comes with two stones for holding, carrying in your pocket, or placement on your body. You may choose to carry only the stone pairs, or rest each pair according to the chakra center on the body for 12-24 min.

Chakra Pouches by Rose Two Feathers1st chakra pouch is Red- Hawk’s Eye and Smokey Quartz
2nd chakra pouch is Orange- Red Jasper and Carnelian
3rd chakra pouch is Yellow- Tiger Eye and Citrine
4th chakra pouch is Green – Rose quartz and Rhodonite
5th chakra pouch is Blue- Blue lace agate and Celestite or Rainbow Fluorite
6th chakra pouch is Violet- Amethyst and Sodalite

7th chakra pouch is White Gold – Rutilated Quartz and Clear Quartz

I have chosen key stones for aligning, energizing, and grounding each Chakra. Every pouch is blessed, and activiated by Rose Twofeathers – Keeper of the Rock for the Mayan Clan, Master Crystal and Stone Healer, and Native Artisan.

Rose Two Feathers Native ArtisanKíimak ‘oolal! My name is Rose Two Feathers, and I am an indigenous Austin-based artist professionally trained in color, composition, graphic design, leather accessories, and art pieces. For over 28 years, I have designed and created jewelry using various mediums. Throughout my travels, Spirit gifted me with the healing tools and medicine knowledge to provide energy work and Crystal/Stone Healings. From my Apache, Aztec, Spanish maternal grandmother, I learned how to heal and craft with my hands. From my Mayan ancestry I inherited an unconditional and deep respect for using Crystals and Stones as healing tools.

I am known as Keeper of the Rock, gifted this name from a Medicine Healer that I met while crystal mining. You will notice that much of my art form comes from what I consider The Stone Allies. Each piece is blessed and handcrafted with Spirit as I honor the ancestors. I am part of the Indigenous Women’s Network, and sell locally. You can catch me teaching classes throughout the year in various cities. Peace and the abundance of health to you always.

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