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BottlesUp Replacement Food-Grade Silicone Caps


Change your color scheme and upgrade your BottlesUp Glass Water Bottles by ordering replacement food-grade silicone tops. Available in Blue, Red, Green, Black, Orange, Ice, Pink and Purple.

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bottlesup-purple-glass-water-bottle-cap made of food-grade silicone. Ships USPS Priority $7.15. (U.S. Only)

Caps are interchangeable with both the 16 and 22 ounce BottlesUp Glass Water Bottles. Colorful food-grade silicone caps bring a minimal, yet playful element to your bottles, and ensure that absolutely no plastic is used in BottlesUp products.

BottlesUp is truely a green product that is packaged and shipped in minimal and environmentally responsible packaging.

BottlesUp glass water bottles with food-grade silicone caps and rings to grip.

Return Policy: Returns accepted within 5 days of receipt. Item must be undamaged and unopened with tags still attached. Contact our Customer Care for more details.

Laurel-Herter founder of BottlesUp-Glassstained-glass-window-laurel-herterLaurel Herter, a nationally acclaimed glass artist for over 30 years, has created her first 3-dimensional product! As she learned about the health dangers of plastic, and the environmental impact of the increasing volume of plastic trash, she wanted to do something about it.

Combining function and beauty, her glass water bottle highlights the beauty of glass with its slight mid-section taper designed for the human hand to easily hold. The entire glass water bottle is sourced and created in North America.

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