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Blood and Visions: Reconciling with Being Female by Autotomous Womyn’s Press


Writings by 10 womyn who stopped their transition from female to male. Profoundly personal stories, political analysis, practical advice, and resources for womyn who struggle with dis-identification from their female reality. Deeply moving and informative for all women concerned about the wholeness of our womanhood — and our sisterhood. 65 Page Zine.



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Blood and Visions: Womyn Reconciling With Being Female by Autotomous Womyn’s Press.

An anthology of writing and artwork by 10 womyn who stopped their female to male (ftm) transitions. Personal stories, political analysis, practical advice, and resources for womyn who struggle with dis-identification from their female reality.

Excerpt: “This process lacks the intoxication of transition, goes back into friction that rubs us raw and makes us feel what we’ve spent years trying to get away from. From this we learn power you can’t pick up at a pharmacy, that’s not made in labs, not made by men. Power that comes from being a womyn, being a dyke, power we’re not supposed to know about; many womyn have been killed or defamed for being wise to it. Power they tried to kill in us or trick us into calling male. We find it in ourselves and each other; in our friendships we find the strength to continue, to think and feel what we were taught was forbidden.”

Glossary of terms:

Autotomous: Describes the ability of an animal (or metaphorically, a womon) to release a part of her body/self and abandon it in order that she may survive attack or injury. Examples of autotomous animals are lizards (autotomous because of their tails), sea cucumbers (their ability to divide), and starfish (their arms). Some autotomous creatures regenerate the parts of themselves they have sacrificed, to some extent. The creature is never wholly the same but in most cases, she does survive.

Detransition: Ceasing transition, abandoning trans identity, and no longer trying to “live as” the opposite sex. This can include actions such as going off hormones, changing one’s name back to one’s birth name, no longer binding, no longer packing, etc. Detransition does not have to include any attempts to change one’s clothing choice, hair, behavior, or other things perceived as gender-markers, nor does it necessarily include plastic surgery or electrolysis to “reverse” the steps taken during medicalized transition. Detransition means stopping transition and beginning the work of reconciling with the reality of having a female body and having survived girlhood. Often used by those who no longer understand “gender” in terms of “identity,” but in terms of patriarchally-imposed sex roles.

Featured positive reviews:

Hidden FieldHidden FieldExcellent compilation 11/16/2018
By Anna Heran
Provides great insight into the current trend of gender identity politics and the hold it has on our young people, especially young women. Gender is responsible for the continued power differences between men and women. Who would want to be female when you’re always on the losing side? And, yet, we are born what we are. These women are coming to terms with their physical beings, learning to love themselves as they are, and coming to terms with the decisions they made and why, and how they’ve come back to themselves. I’m hopeful it will give my own daughter pause for thought in her own journey to herself, and I’ve recommended this title to others experiencing the same struggle. Just wish it was longer and had even more writers.

Hidden FieldHidden FieldBlood and visions 08/03/2016
By Paula Jellis
Blood and Visions: Reconciling with Being Female is a powerful read. The contributors tell their stories from the heart, confronting stereotypes and and prejudice within the Trans* community and without…..with grace and guts and truth. They don’t back away from confronting the issues, problems and status quo narratives informing our lives as women as girls in a world that still erases us. By standing up and showing up and telling their stories, more voices and truths are heard. And we need that more than ever now.

Hidden FieldHidden FieldA Deeply Important Zine 05/12/2016
By merr
These authors are speaking towards an increasingly important issue and providing much needed visibility for female detransitioners. A must read for all: trans folk, detransitioners, and those with no gender/sex dysphoria (“cis”)

Read this zine. And then make all of your friends, family and lovers read this zine.

Hidden FieldHidden FieldBLOOD & VISIONS 09/27/2016
By Mr D.K. Dinsmoor
Excellent collection of first-hand essays about de-transitioning by about a dozen women. Varied in content, but all marked by profound reflection, intense feeling and eloquence. Highly recommended for all readers.

Hidden FieldHidden FieldMust Read 10/11/2016
By B
This is a groundbreaking collection of stories–herstory in the making. My only complaint is knowing what great writing has been done since this zine’s publication. I hope this book is the first of many.

Hidden FieldHidden FieldA must read 03/16/2016
By Mika
Very good read for anyone who’s interested in issues facing women today. This is particularly good for young women who are being told that transition is the only option.

Hidden FieldHidden FieldA Sad but very good read! 06/27/2016
By Jess
Very interesting book. Poignant, insightful and so truthful. After reading this book, I have a very soft spot in my heart for these brave wimmin!

Hidden FieldHidden FieldA book to read and reread 12/26/2015
By Chris Cain
Important essays for anyone who has struggled with gender role ‘female’ or with dissociation.

Hidden FieldHidden FieldBlood and Visions Review 11/30/2015
By Leah Harwood
This book is excellent and I have recommended it to friends.

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