Preventing Cancer wIth Sandi Star - Using Food as Medicine LISTEN HERE ⋆ Green Woman Store

Preventing Cancer wIth Sandi Star – Using Food as Medicine LISTEN HERE

Preventing Cancer with Sandi Star
Using Food as Medicine & Addressing Inflammation

We hear a lot about inflammation being the underlying cause of so many chronic diseases. Where does inflammation come from? What is an anti-inflammatory diet?

Cancer grows in an acidic environment. What is alkaline testing? Which foods are acidic, alkaline, and anti-cancer? What tests can we ask for to find out what is hitting our immune system? Is it diet, toxins, and/or sugar? And how do we rebuild our immune system?

Did you know that “fake foods” – GMOs and other foods your body doesn’t recognize as food – are stored in your fat cells? Want a recipe for Daily Detox? What are healthy substitutes for sugar and mammographies?

Sandi Star is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and Certified in Clinical Nutrition and Clinical Herbology. She calls herself a “Nutrition Wellness Practitioner,” inspired toward her healthcare practice after several members of her family died of cancer. She struggled herself for over 40 years with chronic migraines, autoimmune disease, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, asthma and a slew of other ailments and frustrations. She teaches us how to use food as medicine to address inflammation and strengthen our immune systems to help prevent cancer and its  recurrence.

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