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Preventing Cancer Telesummit

In this Podcast Series we will Explore the Growing Evidence of Cancer’s Environmental Connection and Steps You Can Take to Help Prevent Cancer and its Reoccurence

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The Growing Evidence of an Environmental Connection

New scientific evidence is emerging daily, making it clear that the chemicals in our environment play a role in altering our biological processes. It’s clear that our exposures to toxic chemicals and radiation are connected to our cancer risk.  But we rarely hear about this new scientific evidence.  

In this Telesummit and Podcast Series, we will expose the environmental causes of cancer and explore the growing evidence of an environmental connection:

Hormones and Hormone Disruptors, Cell Phone and Computer EMF Radiation, Fluoride in our Water and Fracking in our Communities, GMOs and Toxins in our Food, Cosmetics, Sunscreens, and Personal Care Products, BPA and it’s more toxic replacements, and Flame Retardants in our Bedrooms and Furniture, BPA and it’s more toxic replacements, and causes of the 50% to 60% unexplained sporadic non-hereditary breast cancers.

You will hear from Scientists, Environmental Researchers, Political Activists, Nutritionists, and Women Survivors.

It is difficult to examine and address the effects of individual chemicals and their risks for a disease as complex as cancer. The time between exposures and development of the disease may be decades. We may not know which chemicals we’ve been exposed to, and we are not exposed to chemicals in isolation.

As informed consumers, you can begin to control your exposure to chemicals and radiation through personal and political action. Get to know the chemicals that have been linked to cancer and take action to reduce your risk.

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