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Would you like to live more simply and sustainably, but don’t have the time it takes to do all the research?

We’ve gathered 21 experts to help you live healthier, and happier, AND save money while you do it!

In this Telesummit, you will:

  • Learn tips for reducing your toxic exposure, and how to live more plastic free. You will hear the good news in food safety! And how to avoid GMO foods by avoiding 5 specific food crops. Learn which fish are safe, and how to get involved to “Save The Bees.”
  • Experience the growth of sustainable farming first hand! And the trickle down effect for your entire eco-system when you buy organics! Learn the guiding principles for shopping green for your family, children and pets! And ways that you can join campaigns for change – as simple as opening your email!
  • Did you know that Businesses big and small are becoming more profitable by operating sustainably, all at the same time that young inventors are bringing sustainable development solutions we couldn’t have imagined.
  • You will hear stories of wholeness, and the connections between all things human and environmental, and of the unexpected scientific discoveries that are documenting a relational reality that is both new and ancient.
  • Hear about People of Color who are at the cutting edge of change, and about Women entrepreneurs with a triple bottom line of Profit, People, and Protecting the Environment!
  • Did you know that women drive social media! And that providing green mentorship, and supporting women, and equal And that pay for equal work, are all “green actions.”
  • Learn Easy Green Living tips, and how to “Clean Kindly.” Learn about safe deodorants, safe and unsafe cookware options, raw food recipes, foraging for flavor in your own backyard, and so much more!
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