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Green Woman Store Telesummits are Menstrual Mind Revivals, a space where we can expand and nurture our inspirations, activism, and visions for ourselves and the world. We’ve invited women speakers whose stance contribute to change and movement toward sustainability, peace and justice. We want to share their knowledge and experiences with you!

Feminism Telesummit

In this Telesummit, you will hear about diplomacy at the highest levels on women’s rights, how Women’s Studies Professors are changing worldviews, ancient history that bridges the gap between academia and grassroots education, journalism that focuses on women’s health in African and African American communities, sustaining Feminism through lending libraries, how women farmers are changing agriculture, the connections between women’s rights and animal rights, between environment and gender, and global cultural connections that are medicine for women’s spirits.

Feminism and Sustainability are two Collective Quests that touch every aspect of our lives. Feminism has always brought hope and truth to whatever issue it touches. Feminism has greatly facilitated women’s complex experiences, actions, and solutions being examined and treated with the respect they deserve – linking women’s emancipation with the care of the earth, economics, education, health, justice, and world news, indeed every aspect of our lives.

We’ll talk about the Sustainability of Feminism, and the important role that Feminism plays in real, lasting, and global  sustainability. No matter what your experience or understanding of Feminism is, you will be strengthened — and your resolve to build alliances for the future will be restored.

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“Climate Change as a catalyst to transform our broken economic and cultural priorities. Inspiring movements that have already begun this process… Either we embrace radical change ourselves or radical changes will be visited upon our physical world. The status quo is no longer an option.”

Naomi Klein’s newest book, This Changes Everything

Lean Into Green Telesummit


Would you like to live more simply and sustainably, but don’t have the time it takes to do all the research?

We’ve gathered 21 experts to help you live healthier, and happier, AND save money while you do it!

In this Telesummit, you will:

  • Learn tips for reducing your toxic exposure, and how to live more plastic free. You will hear the good news in food safety! And how to avoid GMO foods by avoiding 5 specific food crops. Learn which fish are safe, and how to get involved to “Save The Bees.”
  • Experience the growth of sustainable farming first hand! And the trickle down effect for your entire eco-system when you buy organics! Learn the guiding principles for shopping green for your family, children and pets! And ways that you can join campaigns for change – as simple as opening your email!
  • Did you know that Businesses big and small are becoming more profitable by operating sustainably, all at the same time that young inventors are bringing sustainable development solutions we couldn’t have imagined.
  • You will hear stories of wholeness, and the connections between all things human and environmental, and of the unexpected scientific discoveries that are documenting a relational reality that is both new and ancient.
  • Hear about People of Color who are at the cutting edge of change, and about Women entrepreneurs with a triple bottom line of Profit, People, and Protecting the Environment!
  • Did you know that women drive social media! And that providing green mentorship, and supporting women, and equal And that pay for equal work, are all “green actions.”
  • Learn Easy Green Living tips, and how to “Clean Kindly.” Learn about safe deodorants, safe and unsafe cookware options, raw food recipes, foraging for flavor in your own backyard, and so much more!

preventing cancer telesummit and podcast series

In this Podcast Series we will Explore the Growing Evidence of Cancer’s Environmental Connection and Steps You Can Take to Help Prevent Cancer and its Reoccurence

In this Podcast Series
we will Explore the Growing Evidence of Cancer’s Environmental Connection

and Steps You Can Take
to Help Prevent Cancer
and its Reccurence


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The Growing Evidence of an Environmental Connection

New scientific evidence is emerging daily, making it clear that the chemicals in our environment play a role in altering our biological processes. It’s clear that our exposures to toxic chemicals and radiation are connected to our cancer risk.  But we rarely hear about this new scientific evidence.  

In this Telesummit and Podcast Series, we will expose the environmental causes of cancer and explore the growing evidence of an environmental connection:

Hormones and Hormone Disruptors, Cell Phone and Computer EMF Radiation, Fluoride in our Water and Fracking in our Communities, GMOs and Toxins in our Food, Cosmetics, Sunscreens, and Personal Care Products, BPA and it’s more toxic replacements, and Flame Retardants in our Bedrooms and Furniture, BPA and it’s more toxic replacements, and causes of the 50% to 60% unexplained sporadic non-hereditary breast cancers.

You will hear from Scientists, Environmental Researchers, Political Activists, Nutritionists, and Women Survivors.

It is difficult to examine and address the effects of individual chemicals and their risks for a disease as complex as cancer. The time between exposures and development of the disease may be decades. We may not know which chemicals we’ve been exposed to, and we are not exposed to chemicals in isolation.

As informed consumers, you can begin to control your exposure to chemicals and radiation through personal and political action. Get to know the chemicals that have been linked to cancer and take action to reduce your risk.

Women & Money Telesummit


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