Monica Wall Hanging by Peru Paper

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Named for the Peruvian woman who made it! Recycled paper, traditional Peruvian textile design. 11" x 11". These products employ Peruvian women, helping them out of poverty.


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This amazing handmade Monica Wall Hanging is based on traditional Peruvian textile designs that have been updated with modern colors. These 11"x11" pieces of art fit in standard-sized frames and look fantastic on the wall! Named after the women who make them, these are the most intricate and beautiful products we've ever offered! Purchase these as a gift or for yourself, and you can feel good about a beautiful purchase made from 100% recycled materials that employs amazing women in Peru, helping them out of poverty!

Muchas gracias!
The Women of Peru Paper

Artist Monica Alegre Peru PaperMonica Alegre began working with Peru Paper in February of 2008 and quickly became one of the primary designers. She is highly creative and very gifted in crafting cards as well as making recycled paper. She was quickly promoted to manager, then started training other women and helping with the administrative decisions.

Monica lives in the Manuel Arévalo community with her husband and three sons. She uses her income from Peru Paper to cover educational expenses for her children.  Even her son has commented that he believes this to be her calling in life, for he never knew that she was so gifted and had so much creativity until she began working on this project. "As a child, I liked to draw, but this is my first time to do this to earn money. This work helps me to relax. If I have problems going on in my head, I can work on the cards and concentrate. Then I feel calm and satisfied." Monica loves this work because it has not only provided a steady job in an area of high unemployment, but it has also allowed her to be at home with her family.

The women of PeruPaper with founder Grace BatemanDuring her time in Peru, Grace Bateman Greene was impressed with the creativity and industriousness of Peruvian women, especially how they sought to provide for their families in difficult circumstances.  She stumbled upon the idea of making paper and greeting cards.  With just $100 and some lessons on how to make recycled paper and homemade cards, the ladies started producing cards.  Encouraged by the success in selling the cards and providing extra income to the women, Grace moved back to the US, and continued to promote it part-time outside of her own school and work. 

Peru Paper Women CraftingGrace partnered with the Peruvian woman to start this project with $100 for supplies and had no idea that it would grow to its current size.  The business now employs fifteen women and has been transforming lives as these women discover new talents in card design and business management, as well as being uplifted by the dignity that comes with work and provision for your own family.  Such ‘success’ is not measured by money and has been a greater blessing than she could have ever imagined and one of the biggest joys of her life. She is deeply committed to Peru Paper Co., working for it to be economically and environmentally sustainable while achieving its social and spiritual goals of improving the lives of Peruvian women and their families.

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