Paleo Sea Salt Hair Texturizing Spray by Primal Life Organics

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For All Hair Types. Adds Volume, Texture and Definition. Will enhance your natural Waves. Gluten-free and Vegan Hair Care. Ingredients: Rose Water and Sea Salts.

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salty-hair-texturizing-spray by primal life organics.

"I created my skincare so I could improve my health. I created Primal Life Organics so you can improve yours!"

Texturizing Hair Spray by Primal Life Organics. Texturizing Hair Spray by Primal Life Organics is for All Hair Types, and adds Volume, Texture, Definition. Will enhance natural Waves. Gluten-free and Vegan Hair Care.

The moist air at the beach often naturally creates a loose, wavy, random texture to the hair. This ocean-imitating Primal Life styling spray is infused with magnesium-rich Sea Salt that adds volume and thickness without adding stiffness. This spray will give you that beautiful, "I just left the beach," look that will last all day. A 100% natural solution for styling hair. 

Ingredients: Purified Rose Water*, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Red Alaea Salt. *Certified Organic

Purified Rose Water has natural conditioning and moisturizing properties which aids in your hair's growth, and can help to prevent dandruff. Rosewater also has therapeutic properties which can help combat inflammation of the scalp. 

Salts contain trace minerals and electrolytes which occur naturally in the ocean to assist in cleansing and detoxifying, which is vital in restoring the balance of oils on the scalp which lead to dandruff. The salts improve the circulation and hydration in the scalp, balance pH levels, stimulate hair re-growth, and reducing hair loss.

Directions:  Shake and spray your wet hair. Lyour hair air dry. Or, spray throughout your dry hair and comb through with fingers, scrunching and separating with fingers occasionally. You may also may blow dry your hair on a low setting for increased volume. 

Directions for straight, thin hair: Wash hair the night before and spray hair with Sea Salt Spray while still damp. Then, either loosely french braid into pigtails or wrap in a tight scrunched bun on top of your head. and leave overnight. By morning, your hair should be dry. Spritz with a little more spray and take out the braid/bun. Spray with additional spray and scrunch if you want more stiffness.

Your scalp is a very vascular part of your body. When the scalp is polluted with chemicals and toxins, harmful effects can occur. Scalp tissue becomes congested, polluted and nutrients cannot be absorbed and the scalp can become irritated, dry, scaly (dandruff) or extremely oily. Toxins and chemicals from commercial hair products also become absorbed into the vascular rich tissue and can cause a wide range of systemic damage, including a disruption to the endocrine system, DNA mutation, reproductive damage, cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, cellular damage (tumor promotor), thyroid damage and more. These chemicals seek fatty tissue for storage, and the brain is the closest fatty tissue. Mental sluggishness, confusion and forgetfulness can be symptoms of this phenomenon.

Primal Life Organics Hair Products are Gluten-free and Vegan.

Return Policy: Please notify within 5 days to obtain a Return Material Authorization Number to receive a refund of 75% of the purchase price.  A 25% return fee is accessed. Buyer must contact Green Woman Store within 48 hours of receipt of the delivery for broken or damaged items. Any claims for interior damage made after 48hours of receipt of the delivery will be rejected. Shipping charges are nonrefundable.

Trina Felber Primal founder and CEO of Primal Life OrganicsTrina Felber, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA, CEO and Founder of Primal Life Organics is a true 21st Century Cavegirl in search of other 21st Century cavemen and women looking for quality skincare that "fits" their lifestyle and habits. She is a wife, mother of three, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, CrossFitter, Paleo advocate, and educator.

Trina Felber has been a nurse for the past 22 years, beginning in a Burn Intensive Care Unit where she learned how our skin protects us, and the damage chemicals can cause, including commercial skincare products. She understands the pathophysiology, absorption, distribution, breakdown, storage and elimination of chemicals. 

Trina says, "Don't play skincare roulette! It's just not worth it. Children are even mores susceptible to these chemicals. They have a higher body fat percentage, more rapid absorption rate, and babies have immature neurologic and immune systems. Chemical free skincare is a choice! Your body will thank you!"

None of the product statements have been evaluated by the FDA. Primal Life Organics products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Green Woman Store and Primal Life Organics accept no liability for any adverse reactions that may be experienced. If pregnant, suffering from a medical condition, or taking medication, potential users of the products should consult a health care practitioner before using the products.  Users of the products should discontinue use if sensitivity occurs.

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