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Our Share

50% to 80% of every sale goes directly to the women who produce our products.

Women Entrepreneurs collaborate with Green Woman Store at these levels:

75-90% Subsistence  – 65% Self-Sustaining  – 50% Philanthropic

Green Woman Store uses our share of each sale:

  • To support the growth and maintenance of the GreenWomanStore.com business, website, and marketing to expand our service worldwide.
  • To support the production of free Podcasts and Telesummits to Educate, Entertain, and Inspire.
  • To grant scholarships to Green Woman Store scholars and entrepreneurs to contribute their experience and expertise at gatherings on peace, environment, sustainable development, spirituality, and women and development.

Green Woman Store Goals

  • To empower Socially Responsible Consumers and Women Entrepreneurs, building Connected and Conscious Consumerism.  At GreenWomanStore, we strive to empower women who have great ideas and exciting products at all levels of their business life, while at the same time helping consumers feel that their purchases benefit and are connected to community, earth friendly manufacturing, ethical business practices, fairness and fair trade — where every purchase feels good and safe for our families and our environment.
  • To make visible to shoppers, woman-made products that are shipped to buyers directly from the women artists and entrepreneurs, building alliances among different sectors, associations, regions and countries, overcoming barriers to greater collaboration and resource sharing.
  • To invite women Investors to share in our business of women’s world trade, investing in women, promoting gender equity, hope and justice, and tackling poverty to deliver outcomes that no single actor could achieve alone.
  • To encourage sustainable livelihoods through a fair-trade return of 50%-90% to the local woman artist, woman owned business, manufacturer, cooperative, organization, or village project, to improve incomes, reduce poverty and marginalization, and bring direct benefits to local circumstances.
  • To educate shoppers through free Podcasts about the many contributions, past and present, that women’s role, women’s lifelong experiences, and women’s culture have in creating a peaceful and sustainable future for us all.
  • To increase women’s share of world trade, directly reducing poverty, and to promote women’s enterprises with the potential of serving as inspiration to other women around the globe.
  • To be a sustainable development Solution by providing women with fair-trade market access, making visible the economic, social and environmental contributions that women’s locally driven, locally owned, enterprises make to the world.

“Investment in women drives social change, leading to economic prosperity in communities. That’s called the ‘women effect’. It’s very much an extension of socially responsible investing.” Roslyn Dawson Thompson, Dallas Women’s Foundation.

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