Big Girls' Coloring Notecards by Sudie Rakusin

Send thoughtful notes on cards featuring Sudie Rakusin’s pen-and-ink drawings that you color yourself! Set of 8 heavy-duty cards (2 each of 4 designs) and 8 envelopes. Blank inside.

Woolspring Mattress - Bed and Futon - by Cotton Cloud

Like the Wellspring, the Woolspring is the perfect combination of inner firmness, outer softness, and overall flexibility -- with the added comfort of Eco-Valley Wool! Ideally suited for folding frames or as a bed mattress.

Spiral Dance Pendants by K Robins Designs

The Sacred Dance of Life-Death-Rebirth where we enter the mysterious earth womb, penetrate its core, and pass out again by the same path. Sterling Silver. Pendants 1.1" x .9" on a Black Satin Cord.

Without Apology: Old Lesbian Life Stories by Arden Eversmeyer and Margaret Purcell
$16.95 $19.95

Without Apology shares the stories of 24 ordinary, yet remarkable Lesbians. The stories were gathered by the Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project and Old Lesbians Organizing for Change.

OrEthic Hip Seat

A back supporting belt with padded foam shelf to carry children. Endorsed and recommended by osteopaths, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. Fits all sizes. Simple, practical and easy to use. Machine washable. Suitable for children aged 6 months to 3 years. Available in 5 colors.

Organic Menstrual Pads and Panty Liners by Orethic

OrEthic Eco-Pads are panty-liners, menstrual pads, and incontinence pads. Hand-crafted by women in Spain. Super-absorbent but extra-thin. Breathable and comfortable. Easy to use and even reversible! Small, Medium, Large & Overnight.

The Joy of Green Cleaning by Leslie Reichert

A cook book for green cleaning! Over 70 pages of green recipes that you can make from items in your own pantry. And they really work! A great gift for friends and family.

The Throne in the Heart of the Sea by Martha Shelley

Historical lesbian novel featuring Jezebel, Princess of Tyre, Queen of Israel. Rage mixes with the intimacy of love and desire in this awe-inspiring, carefully crafted reproduction of an ancient, glorious, and brutal world. 

Holding Our World Together by Brenda J. Child
$12.75 $15.00

A groundbreaking exploration of the unrecognized but pivotal roles of remarkable women in Native American communities. The author carefully weaves Ojibwe words, biographical sketches, chronological history, American Indian oral tradition, and Ojibwe tribes of the U.S. with First Nations of Canada.

Summer Solstice Card Collection by Rising Tide Arts

Fine Art Card Collection. Set of 4: Solstice 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Love Is Life 5 1/2" x 5 1/2", Solstice Sky 5 1/2" x 4", Orca Solstice 5 1/2" x 4".

Takes An Uprising by Patricia Lee Jackson
Average rating:
Takes An Uprising by Patricia Lee Jackson

This lesbian activist’s memoir will encourage elders to share their adventures as pioneers in our movement for social justice, and inspire LGBTQ youth with stories of hope.

In The Body Of The World - A Memoir by Eve Ensler
$12.75 $15.00

“Because I did not, could not inhabit my body or the Earth, I could not feel or know their pain.” As Eve is diagnosed with uterine cancer, she connects her own illness to the devastation of the earth, her life force to the resilience of humanity, she is finally, fully—and gratefully—joined to the body of the world.

Moving Toward The Millionth Circle by Jean Shinoda Bolen isbn 9781573241762
Moving Toward the Millionth Circle by Jean Shinoda Bolen
$15.98 $18.95

Energizing the Global Women's Movement! Focusing on activism and how Millionth Circles can sustain, support, and be a sanctuary for, women working for change in their lives and in the world. Hardback.

Home by Toni Morrison
$11.95 $14.00

Nobel Prize-winner Toni Morrison extends her profound take on our history with this twentieth-century tale of redemption. A taut and tortured story about one man's desperate search for himself in a world disfigured by war. Paperback and Hardcover.

A Tale For The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki
$13.60 $16.00

Tokyo to British Columbia, a tale of how writing connects people who will never meet. A diary, an earthquake, 104 year old Buddhist Nun, French maid cafes, resilience and bravery. 

Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou
$18.50 $22.00

A story of abandonment, healing, reconciliation, enduring love, and global politics. This is Maya Angelou's deepest personal relationship, the one with her Mother, Vivian Baxter, and how it evolved and raised her up. Available in Hardback and Large Print Paperback.

Radiant Wisdom Tarot and Book Set by Laughing Womyn Ashonosheni

Boxed Set includes a 92 Card Tarot Deck and Velvet Bag, plus a 212 page illustrated Book with card definitions, 6 unique layouts, and a Guide to using chakras, stones, and colors.

Woman Shaman: The Ancients, Movie DVD by Max Dashu

Medicine for Your Spirit! A rich multi-cultural record of medicine women, oracles, healers, trance-dancers and dreamers around the world. All of our Ancestresses. Two-disc DVD.
3 hours with music and commentary.
Watch a Preview

Chakra Stone Pouches by Rose Two Feathers

Handcrafted leather pouches with 2 Chakra Stones in each. Key stones for aligning, energizing, and grounding each Chakra. All Chakra Pouch also available with 14 stones. Free Shipping to Continental U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg isbn 9780385349949
Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg
$19.95 $24.95

Practical advice to help women achieve their goals. An inspiring call to action and a blueprint for individual growth. This book will change the conversation from what women can’t do to what we can do. Hardback.

Paradise Beneath Her Feet Isobel Coleman isbn 9780812978551
Paradise Beneath Her Feet by Isobel Coleman
$15.95 $17.00

How women are changing the Middle East. Muslim Revolutionaries using Islamic Feminism and progressive interpretations of Islam to change the terms of religious debate and to fight for women’s rights within Islam. Paperback.

Damron Women's Traveller

Made by and for Lesbians. Vegetarian menus, wheelchair access, multiracial clientele. International Calendar of Women's Festivals and Events. Camping & RV Spots. National and International listings.

The Secretary A Journey With Hillary Clinton by Kim Ghattas isbn 9780805095111
The Secretary: A Journey with Hillary Clinton from Beirut to the Heart of American Power by Kim Ghattas
$21.60 $27.00

The first inside account to be published about Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary of State. Author Kim Ghattas, half-Dutch, half-Lebanese citizen, and BBC correspondent. Hardback.

Spiral Heart Pendant by K Robins Designs

In and out, giving and receiving, gentle, precise, open... Sterling Silver Pendant 1.25" x .85" on a Black Satin Cord.

Breastpots Poster by Max Dashu
$10.00 $20.00

These ceremonial vessels are very widespread and yet rarely published. Offered at half price due to slightly darker backgrounds on two pots. 18" x 24".

Valentine Card Collection by Rising Tide Arts

Beautiful Art Cards for Valentine's Day. Once In A Red Moon, 4.25" x 5.5". Head Over Heels, 4.25'" x 5.5". Love Crow, 5.5" x 8.5". Set of 3 Valentine Cards.

Sterling Triangle Necklace by Jane Iris Designs

Sterling Triangle Necklace on a 20" Leather Cord with Toggle Closure. The Triangle symbol was retained by our Community to signify our strength of spirit to survive.

Love Card Collection by Rising Tide Arts

Beautiful Art Cards to share your love all year long. Smitten, 4.25" x 5.5", Relationship, 5.5" x 8.5", May Love Grow, 5.5" x 8.5". Set of 3 Love Cards.

Double Venus Pendant & Earrings by Jane Iris Designs

Coupled together, the Double Venus has become a symbol for Lesbians. Bronze Pendant measures 3/4" x 1/2", Sterling Silver Earrings measure 1/2" x 1/4". Earrings are Temporarily Unavailable. See alternative Double Venus Earrings here.

Forget-Me-Not Heart Pendant by Jane Iris Designs

The Forget-Me-Not Heart symbolizes True Love and Undying Memory. Sterling Silver. Measures 3/4" wide and 1" long. Available with Black Leather Cord.

Namaskara Mudra Pendant by K Robins Designs

Pure Heart of the Lotus offering prayers of devotion, compassion, friendship and peace. Sterling Silver 1.25" X 1.25" on a Black Satin Cord.

Vital Voices Alyse Nelson isbn 9781118184776
Vital Voices: The Power of Women Leading Change Around the World by Alyse Nelson
$22.25 $27.95

Stories of World-Changing Women! Focuses on the key elements of the Vital Voices 5-step model of transformational leadership.

Sister Goddess Pendant by Jane Iris Designs

Sisters in the Goddess! Goddess Sisterhood! 1.5" x 1.5". Sterling Silver with Rose Quartz Sphere, Amethyst Swavorski Pearl, or Blue Lace Agate Sphere.

Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver
$13.59 $16.99

Flight Behavior takes on one of the most contentious subjects of our time: climate change. A restless farm wife encounters a cautionary miracle that sparks a raft of other explanations from scientists, religious leaders, and the media. A truth that could undo all she has ever believed.

Exit: The Endings That Set Us Free by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
$21.00 $26.00

"I think there must be some relationship between our developing the habit of small goodbyes and our ability to master and mark the larger farewells...the epiphany that something is over and done...the events that anticipate the climax and precipitate the exit..." Hardback Edition.

Rest For the Wicked (A Jane Lawless Mystery) by Ellen Hart
$11.00 $12.95

With Nolan in the hospital, Jane sets out to find out who killed DeAndre, how his death is connected with the others, and what he was doing in Minneapolis in the first place. Paperback.

The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis
$13.55 $15.95

The story of one family's journey from the segregated South through five and a half turbulent, soul-searching decades: the Great Migration of 6 million African Americans out of the rural South to the Northeast, Midwest, and Western U.S. The story of a mother’s monumental courage and the journey of a nation.

Labrys Pendant by Jane Iris Designs
Average rating:
Labrys Pendant by Jane Iris Designs

The Labrys is an ancient agricultural tool used prior to patriarchal times. Symbol of peace and woman's power. Measures approximately 1 1/4" x 3/4". Sterling Silver. 

Molly's Organic Farm by Carol Malnor and Trina Hunner
$7.98 $8.95

A homeless cat stumbles upon, and comes to live, on an organic Northern California farm.  Science concepts and activities at the end of the book. Ages 3 and up. Great for Green Kids. Paperback.

Loving Kindness Pendant by K Robins Designs

May your heart be full with loving kindness. Sterling Silver Pendant, 1.5" x 1" in on a Black Satin Cord.  

Amelia to Zora by Cynthia Chin-Lee
$7.15 $7.95

26 amazing women, 26 amazing stories! From Amelia Earhart, pilot and adventurer, to Zora Neal Hurston, writer and anthropologist. Learn about the hardships and triumphs that inspired each woman to change her world and the world around her.

Women's Power DVD by Max Dashu

These are the bold and creative women you always knew existed. Seeing their reality will change how you think about female humanity. View the video clip below.

Opening The Heart CD by Lavelle Foos

Native American Flute Music. The low tones allow ones mind and body to refresh and open in soulful warmth.

Diet for a Hot Planet by Anna Lappe
$12.75 $15.00

The choices we make about how we put food on our plates, and what we do with the waste, contribute as much as one third of total greenhouse-gas emissions. Diet for a Hot Planet is a call to action for readers and eaters committed to healing the planet.

i love dirt! by Jennifer Ward
$11.90 $14.00

52 activities to help you and your kids discover the wonders of nature. Promotes exploration, stimulates imagination, and heightens a child's sense of wonder. Ages 4 to 8.

love belongs to those who do the feeling by judy grahn isbn 9781597091213 new and selected poems
Love Belongs To Those Who Do The Feeling by Judy Grahn

New and selected poems. "Anyone who reads Grahn will be changed for life. Repeat: for life."  Alicia Ostriker.

Peace Dove Pendant by K Robins Designs

Peace, Salaam, Shalom. A sign of peace in Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Sterling Silver Pendant 1.20" x .75" on a Black Satin Cord.

Kate and the Bean Stock isbn 9780689825507
Kate and the Beanstalk by Mary Pope Osborne and Giselle Potter
$7.19 $7.99

A clever twist on a classic fairy tale, this story stars a whip-smart girl instead of traditionally lazy, not-so-bright Jack. It stays pretty true to the original, but has a surprising ending.

Finishing Powders by Lucy Minerals
Lucy Minerals Natural Mineral Finishing Powders
Average rating:
Lucy Minerals Natural Mineral Finishing Powders

Finishing Powder is applied after the Foundation and Blush to give the skin a soft finished look. Available in Original Formula, two Oil Control Formulas, and Lucy Light for those who want a basic Finishing Powder with no additives. U.S. orders only. (Brush Not Included)

Om Pendant by K Robins Designs

Supreme Syllable. Mother of Sounnd. Sterling Silver Pendant, 1.15" x .85" on a Black Satin Cord.

Salaam Shalom Peace Pendant by K Robins Designs

Arabic, Hebrew, English. A song, a message, a movement for peace. Sterling Silver Pendant, 1" x 1" on a Black Satin Cord.

Spirit Healer Pendant by Jane Iris Designs

The Original Goddess! Representing the innate quality of nurturing & healing. 2" x 5/8". Sterling Silver.

Wangari's Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa by Jeanette Winter
$14.45 $17.00

The true story of Wangari Maathai, environmentalist and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Printed on 100% recycled paper.

The Vegan Slow Cooker by Kathy Hester

With The Vegan Slow Cooker, you can create standout meals that are ready the minute you walk in the door--and in just two simple steps!

Peek-A Who? by Nina Laden
$6.22 $6.95

With peek-a-boo windows, bright colors and simple guessing rhymes, this playful board book is perfect for curious babies and toddlers.

Savannah Blue’s Activity Book by Sudie Rakusin

A dual-language English and Spanish softcover book that introduces you to Great Dane Savannah Blue, and offers children the opportunity to draw, color, and write letters, while practicing their reading skills in two languages. 48 pages; softcover.

The Coloring Book for Big Girls by Sudie Rakusin
Average rating:
The Coloring Book for Big Girls by Sudie Rakusin

A beautiful adult coloring book filled with drawings of strong, high-spirited womyn. Paperback, full-color cover.  28 pages, 8.5″ x 11″.

Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away With the Other Spoon Coloring Book by Jacinta Bunnell
$9.00 $10.00

COLORING BOOK Fun for all ages! For Tough Girls and Sensitive Boys. Features Princesses who build rocket ships and beasts who enjoy dainty jewelry.

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett
$13.59 $15.99

Stirring and luminous, a world unto itself, where unlikely beauty stands beside unimaginable loss beneath the rainforest's jeweled canopy.  Dr. Marina Singh embarks on a journey to the Amazon to find her former mentor, a researcher who has disappeared while working on a valuable new drug.

Surfacing Print by Terrea Bennett

Painting by artist Terrea Bennett.  Print Size: 10 1/4" x 13 1/4" on white mat.

Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Spray by Flower Essence Energy

Can't sleep? Calms the busy mind and promotes sleep naturally. Helps your body remember how to sleep. Insomnia and other sleep problems melt away. Bergamont and Ylang Ylang. 1 oz. 

Travel and Toddler Pillow by Cotton Cloud Futons
Average rating:
Travel and Toddler Pillow by Cotton Cloud Futons

Your perfect travel partner! Handmade with Eco-Wool in an organic cotton sateen shell. 12" x 20" Great size for children. Wool stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Woman Hoop Post Earrings by Jane Iris Designs
Average rating:
Woman Hoop Post Earrings by Jane Iris Designs

Jane Iris Designs' best selling earrings. Stunning!  Large 3/4" round available in Sterling Silver. Small 1/2 " round available in Sterling Silver or Gold Plate.

Wild Patience CD Album by Julia Lynx

Contemporary folk pop ballads exploring all the wildness of relationships and how we manage to get thru the tricky parts while we remember our wholeness. Free Shipping!

Long Aqua Silk Kimono by Valery Guignon Designs
Handpainted Aqua Silk Kimono by Valery Guignon Designs

Hand dyed and painted double weave silk fabric -- ripply like wind on water. Soft and flowing, this Kimono makes a beautiful addition to any wardrobe.  Extra Large size only.

Hand Dyed Teal and Purple Silk Poncho by Valery Guignon Designs

Hand dyed silk Poncho with "Window of Treasures" down the front and back. Soft and flowing. Fits a wide variety of sizes in the small and large range.

Channeled Message from your Angels by Nina Laiberg

A Channeled Message from your Angels and Spirit Guides, or a specific entity you would like to connect with - such as Ascended Masters, Archangels, Fairies, extra-dimensional beings, Twin Flame, etc.

Please choose your desired format

Silver & Green Dragon Necklace On Sterling Silver Chain by 1213 Jewelry
Silver & Green Dragon Necklace On Sterling Silver Chain by 1213 Jewelry
Green Tara Watercolor by Kathryn Sturges

Green Tara is known as the Bodhisattva or Buddha of Compassion and Action. The prints feature Hahnemuhle Bamboo Paper, which is eco-friendly and archival. 11" x 14" inch print. 

Let's Save Our Earth Board Game by Karen Palmer
Let's Save Our Earth is an educational and non-competitive board game which has been created to teach children and adults alike, simple things they can do to make a difference in helping the Earth. Fun game for ages 9 and older with inspiring characters and ideas to empower people to become part of the solution.

The 2019 Girl Powered Planner by MissHeard Media
The 2019 Girl-Powered Planner features 365 days of girls and young women under 25 who have contributed to American history, fun ideas, and year-round inspiration!

Jewel of The Womb Pillar Candle by naCHerel Handmade
Quantity   1 - 5     6 - 10     11+  
Price $10.00 $8.00 $6.00
This candle began as an idea then was formed into a sculpture by Naive Artist Bridgette Edmond owner of naCHerel Handmade, then a mold was created to form this one of a kind candle that contains jewelry in her womb.

Memory Care Kit by Flower Essence Aromatherapy

MEMORY CARE KIT Two 1oz Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Sprays, and One 1oz. Body Oils  to Restore Harmony and Balance to Body, Mind and Spirit.

Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids

Sinister Wisdom is a multicultural lesbian literary & art journal, founded 1976. They publish three issues each year, and work to create a multicultural, multi-class lesbian space. 

Season of Joy CD by Yolanda Martinez

Wonderful Christmas Songs loved and cherished by all: Noche De Paz, The First Noel, Jesus en Pesebre, Los Peces en el Rio, White Christmas, The Christmas Song. Perfect for Christmas Gifts. Order today!

Sister Species: Women, Animals and Social Justice by Lisa Kemmerer
$21.20 $24.95

Courageous and gripping personal narratives from women who have personally explored links of oppression between human beings and nonhuman animals. Sister Species demonstrates with painful clarity why every activist must be on board with other social justice concerns.

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