Perfume Oils Set of 7 by Aroma For Health

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Seven of your favorite Scents from Nature.  Amber, Myrrh, Frankincense, Rose, Jasmine, Patchoul and, Rose Geranium. 1/8 ounce each. Sacred gift-giving to your Self and others.

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Aroma For Health Natural PerfumesWhat is your Scent Identity today?  Is it different from yesterday? Or tomorrow?  This set of Natural Perfumes is the answer to your changing moods, and the different ways you feel each day in different environs. 

You can create your own personal scent identity by mixing and matching several of these Perfume Oils together by layering them as you apply them.

Here's a tip from Aroma For Health: Put a different natural scent or combo in different places on your body or hair, just to keep things interesting, and  to lovingly awaken your Self and your partner.

In balance with your Natural Lifestyle, these botanical Perfume Oils keep your scent and sensuality close to your body where you are reminded of your sacredness all day and night.  This Set of 7 Perfume Oils is a great natural gift to your Self, family members, friends and colleagues.  Safe for most of those who are chemically sensitive. 

 Tibetan Cedar OilJasmine OilFrankincense OilNeroli Orange Blossom OilAphrodite at the VaticanPatchouli OilRose Geranium OilSandalwood OilHoly Rose Oil



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Inhale & Enliven Your Joy!

The Divine Feminine is Balance in All Things.

 Looking for Natural Perfumes to elevate your green lifestyle? Is your scent identity in balance with your commitment to a green economy and sustainable living?

Lavende Oil PerfumesEnliven your sustainable lifestyle and your health with Rose, Patchouli, Jasmine, Rose Geranium, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Myrrh. These are wondrously healthy and spiritually inspiring scents, true gifts of Mother Nature! Wear them for your Self, and wear them to inspire and exalt those very close to you every day of the week, on romantic occasions, and at work and play. Mother Nature is always welcome!

Aroma For Health natural alcohol free Perfumes evaporate slowly and contain the scent close to your body, within your Intimate Zone.

Naturally Mysterious! Derived from Organic and Wildcrafted Essential Oils, Attars, Resins and Botanical sources from around the world. Our products are natural alternatives to chemical perfumes, and safe for most individuals who want to experience the full life force and healing power of Mother Nature! 

Rose Oil PerfumesAnciently, Aphrodisiacs have been sought from Nature. These are often beauty treatments as well as bringers of love and compassion. Partner with Mother Nature and you will smell like a breath of fresh air. Keep it healthy! Keep it natural!

Aroma For Health products are woman-made natural aromatherapy products. All of our Products are free of artificial and synthetic fragrances, petroleum, petrochemicals, paraben, sulfate, gluten, phthalate, and they are GMO-free too!

Aroma For Health Perfume OilsAroma For Health is dedicated to being ecologically responsible.  We support organic and sustainable farms and ethical wildcrafters around the world.

Aroma For Health products are a unique collaboration of Aromatherapy and Psychotherapy, created for beauty, mood and physical and emotional well-being. The plant oils, essences, attars and resins in our natural perfumes assist our body in changing patterns and adjusting to life's transitions.

All of our products are 100% guaranteed. 

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