The Lovers, Print by Monica Sjöö

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Artist, Writer and Activist, Monica Sjöö's beautiful prints 8 1/4 x 11 1/2 in. 
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Color Laser Prints on A4 or 8 ¼"x 11½" paper with a 1 to 3 inch border.  Image size varies depending on the shape of the original painting.

Monica Sjoo at the Swedish Museum Anna NordlanderMonica had these prints made before her passing in 2005.  Most prints were signed by Monica, although it may be a photocopied signature. They are laser photocopies which Monica had printed for selling after her talks and art exhibitions. Her family is making them available now to those who hold Monica Sjoo's work in high regard around the world.

Monica's words about The Lovers:
The understanding of ancient Goddess religion is a necessity as it reflects back to us an entirely different way of being and living, one of mutuality between women and men, one in which men were not warlike and aggressive and where women were proud and strong .... as mothers, as farmers, as oracles and shamankas, as healers, as creators of pottery, weaving, textiles and much else. Knowing that such cultures did exist gives me hope for the future as patriarchy is neither natural nor inevitable.

Monica with her painting The Lovers"Lovers" (1975), six feet high, was painted during this time of tremendous anger as well as joy and optimistic energies rising in women. Many women discovering their love for each other.

Monica Sjöö was one of the most important feminist artists of her time and her message remains just as relevant today. She was dedicated to fighting for the rights of women, oppressed peoples, and the Earth. Her art makes visible these issues which she was so passionate about.

Monica was born in Sweden in 1938, and began painting in the late 1950's producing raw bold images that sought to express her growing anger about the place of women in society. Later works speak of ancient matriarchal times drawing on goddess and female symbols of the past that are timeless and which reflect her life-long research into ancient woman-cultures.  

A prolific painter, Monica produced over 250 large works in oil and numerous smaller mixed media images and drawings. She traveled and exhibited internationally. She was also an author, public speaker, and tireless activist for women's rights, social justice and the environment.

All of Monica Sjöö's work is copyrighted.  All rights reserved.

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