Let's Save Our Earth Board Game by Karen Palmer

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Let's Save Our Earth is an educational and non-competitive board game which has been created to teach children and adults alike, simple things they can do to make a difference in helping the Earth. Fun game for ages 9 and older with inspiring characters and ideas to empower people to become part of the solution.
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Let's Save Our Earth is an educational and non-competitive board game which has been created to teach children and adults alike, simple things they can do to make a difference in helping the Earth. Fun game for ages 9 and older with inspiring characters and ideas to empower people to become part of the solution.

Karen Palmer is the Founder and President  of Eco-Angel Enterprises a 501c3 organization dedicated to bringing kindness and compassion to all life experiences. We are dedicated to educating children and families about environmental issues, animal advocacy, kindness, mindfulness, and compassion.  We empower individuals and schools through after school programs and assemblies using social media, books, games, toys, music, technology (online and offline programs).

Karen is the 2nd Founding Member of WorldKindness USA her organization has helped this movement grow  and she is  Goodwill Ambassador of Kindness for her city. Visit  http://www.worlkindnessusa.org to learn how you can get involved to help co-create a kinder world. She is also the designer of the #WorldKindnessDay Musical coloring book at http://www.globalkindnesstv.org/world

Karen has started a #Globalkindness Movement she made a wish, and a #Globalkindness Revolution began. Karen learned about kindness when she was homeless and got off the streets with the help of strangers. She is living her dream life. She dedicates her life now to helping others learn how  to love their dreams into reality.

In July 2018 Karen helped impact 3 million new viewers in 3 days in  a Global Social Media Campaign with Compassion Games, Charter for Compassion, We, TheWorld, Unity Earth, and many more creating #PeaceWave and she is helping  co-create #PeaceOnEarthBy2030 

Most recently Karen has become a National Kindness Leader and is collaborating with 29 other leaders from the USA to have a combined social media reach of over 50 million followers. 

Karen as a songwriter  and singer is also working with http://www.notesfornotes.org  to produce a music video. Notes for Notes™ (N4N™) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that designs, equips, and staffs after-school recording studios inside Boys & Girls Clubs offering youth the opportunity to explore, create, and record music for FREE. N4N Studios are packed with professional instruments – guitars, basses, drums, keyboards/synths – and equipment – DJ gear, digital music workstations – and full recording facilities.

In 2003 Karen started Eco-Angel Enterprises and began  going into schools and youth programs with kindness programs. She designed a board game called, “Let’s Save Our Earth” and founded her local Earth day which began with 2 families and has now grown to over 3,000 participants and a huge community event. 

Karen left her full-time job in 2010 to expand her non-profit organization to include teaching animal advocacy, compassion, kindness, mindfulness, and non-violent communication. She was named volunteer of the year in education with Santa Ynez Valley Foundation for her volunteer work with bringing senior citizens and children together and was responsible for the recycling programs at local schools and with the city. 

In 2012 She published her 1st best-selling book and went on to publish three other best-sellers. She became a social media and marketing strategist using all technology to help her organization and many other organizations and people who had dreams of helping the world. 

In 2013 she organized and was Event Director for Global Women’s Summit in California visit The Women’s Information Network.  Karen launched her radio show, “Positively Pets” this was very popular and increased her following with animal rescue. She launched “Puppy Love Revolution” and her best selling book, “The Secret To Puppy Love” This created several different online communities collaborating to end puppy mills and create a no-kill nation for dogs and cats. She is a passionate voice for the voiceless. 

In 2014 Karen made a wish for her birthday that Globalkindness Go Viral. This began an online and on land kindness revolution growing her social media reach to over 30,000 by herself with no paid advertising and to almost 5 million in social reach with collaborative partners. Co-founded Global Peace United a collaborative of grassroots organizations from all over the world. Hosted Peace, love, and kindness summits with weeklong celebrations online. 

In 2016 she helped organize and promote the 2nd World Parliament on Spirituality teaming up with people and organizations all over the world to create The Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative solving 11 of the 17 #GlobalGoals with the United Nation. 

In 2017 became partners with We, The World and was the host of the recaps and action steps for 11 Days of Global Unity reaching millions of people with messages of hope and kindness. She also designed  2  musical coloring books to help with fundraising.

In 2018 Karen became Live-stream Expert and Spokesperson for We, The World . Visit http://www.we.net  WE is a Consciousness, a Campaign, and a Collaboration of people, organizations and social change movements from around the world.

  • WE Consciousness: WE promotes making a shift from “I” to “WE” in our individual actions and attitudes and in our societal priorities and policies.

Karen is also teamed  up with Heidi Little who is also a singer and songwriter and Co- founder of International Children’s Month. They were  on the “Spirit of Love Tour” last  June and July 2018 with conscious family friendly concerts in the USA. Visit http://www.internationalchildrensmonth.com

Karen is also one of the founders of Spirituality Gone Wild a top media channel for raising the levels of compassion,gratitude, kindness, love, and peace on Earth. She is one of “The Gratitude Girls” on the podcast and host of “Angelic Awakenings” “Globalkindness Going Viral  “, “Talking Animal Sense”,  “Teamkindness  Show” and #MindfulFamilies  Check out  http://www.facebook.com/spiritualitygonewild

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